Car “Opening Door” crashes

Car  Opening Door situations can cause very serious injuries.

Often, what appears to be a safely parked car next to a curb, can be a severe agent of serious bodily injury or death to a bicyclist or motorcyclist.

Anyone in a car who is opening a door to exit, is supposed to look clearly behind and to the side of the car to see if they can open the door safely. Unfortunately, as the video at the bottom of this page

shows, people do not always do so which can lead to very serious injuries.

If you are injured in an open door accident, you may be entitled to lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and future damages which are likely to happen.


The people who may be responsible are the driver of the car, the person who opened the door if not the driver, the owner of the car and the employed of the driver or owner of the car.

If the bicycle or motorcycle could not stop because of a brake or other defect in that vehicle, that manufacturer may also be responsible.

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