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Motorcycle Modifications Can Be Dangerous for Riders

Dangerous Motorcycle Modifications 

Motorcycles are great for both transportation and recreation, and many riders like to take steps to make their ride unique. While there are many ways to personalize a motorcycle, modifications can be dangerous and may threaten the safety of not only the rider but also other people on the road. For this reason, everyone needs to understand the dangers of motorcycle modifications. There are a few standard modifications that can place the rider in harm’s way.

Changes to the Handlebars

Changing the shape and style of the handlebars is one of the most common motorcycle modifications. For many riders, the handlebars are one of the distinguishing features. Therefore, many riders like to make alterations that will distinguish their motorcycles from others on the road.

The problem is that the original handlebars on the bike have been created to meet the specific performance guidelines furnished by the manufacturer. The handlebars have been designed to be a particular weight and a certain shape that will balance the bike from front to back and from side to side. The handlebars were also created to absorb the shock and vibrations coming from the engine.

If the handlebars are altered in any way, it may make the motorcycle difficult to balance. If the handlebar materials are replaced, this may change the ability of the handles to absorb shocks and vibrations. All of this can increase the chances of a severe motorcycle accident taking place.

Replacing the Windshield

The windshield is one of the most conspicuous parts of the motorcycle. Many riders like to replace the windshield of their bikes with something a little bit more exciting. The original windshield does tend to wear down rather quickly. After a few years of getting struck by debris regularly, riders may think it is time to replace the windshield. While it is possible to get an identical windshield from the manufacturer, many people elect to customize their replacement.

Many riders will decide to add a bit of personal style and flair to their motorcycle with their knee windshield. However, a different model can drastically affect the safety of the motorcycle. Many customized windshields are not made with high-quality materials. The new windshield might be difficult to see through. Sometimes, the new windshields also aren’t great at stopping flying debris, placing the rider at risk. Make sure to replace the windshield with an identical one from the manufacturer. Safety should always come first.

LED Lights Are Popular Motorcycle Modifications

The most apparent motorcycle modification is the LED lights. If the original LED lights are broken, they obviously need to be replaced; however, many people elect to place the look of the lights over their overall function.

Many riders don’t like the oversized turn lights that are present on motorcycles. They might even think the colors are dull. Therefore, many riders will elect to go with smaller lights that might emit a unique color. However, riders also need to remember that the manufacturer makes the original turn lights in this manner for a reason. The goal is for other drivers to see the turning motorcycle easily on the road. Because motorcycles are smaller than cars, they are easily missed. If the turn signals are also smaller or are an unusual color, this can make the motorcycle even more challenging to see.

If new lights are needed, go for big and bright ones. This will go a long way toward protecting the safety of the rider. Remember, motorcycle accidents are always serious. Take steps to prevent them from happening.

Watch YouTube Video: 7 Modding Mistakes Beginner Riders Make. This video discusses some of the bad modifications to motorcycles that could be dangerous to riders.

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