Motorcycle Lane Splitting Laws

Motorcycle Lane Splitting Laws

Motorcycle Lane Splitting Laws

Motorcycle Lane Splitting Laws

I’m Ed Smith, a Stockton Motorcycle Accident Attorney.  Lane splitting is the technical term for when motorcyclists drive between the lanes of automobiles where a traditional vehicle could not fit.  As it stands right now, lane splitting is a bit of a gray area when it comes to being technically legal or illegal.  California lawmakers, however, are looking to change that by making it legal.

Motorists Think Motorcyclists are Very Hard To See

Most motorists would agree that a huge problem with motorcyclists is that they are hard to see, even when the operator acts in the same manner as one that drives a traditional vehicle.  Views are “split”, however, on whether or not lane splitting would help this situation or make it worse.  Motorcyclists believe that lane splitting helps make them more visible because they may not be as easily seen when behind a traditional vehicle.  The operators of traditional vehicles would likely sincerely disagree and cite concerns that lane splitting would cause a motorcyclist to be directly in many vehicles’ blind spots.

Motorcyclists Are Vulnerable to Severe Injuries

Victims of a motorcycle accidents are more vulnerable than other motorists. A motorcyclist has virtually no protection around his body. Injuries he or she suffers in a crash can be catastrophic in nature and sometimes cause death.

Motorcyclists Currently Split Lanes in California

One thing is certain in this debate, whether legal or illegal, motorcyclists already split lanes on a regular basis and, as with anything else, some do it safely while others fail to take pre-cautions.  Legalizing lane splitting would allow the practice to be regulated and have strict guidelines set by California Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies.

California Passed A Bill That Would Make Lane Splitting Legal

In just the last couple of weeks at least one motorcyclist has lost his life while performing this lane splitting maneuver.  This did not stop California Assembly members from passing the bill that would make lane splitting legal.  Perhaps with its legalizing and accompany guidelines and safety laws that will be set by law enforcement, lane splitting may be a much needed help to motorcyclists even if the practice appears dangerous to traditional motorists; only time will tell.

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