Motorcycle Fatality Accident Occurs Near Wheatland 

Fatal Accident Near Wheatland Closes SR 65 for Hours

A motorcycle fatality accident was reported east of Wheatland on November 20, which involved a motor vehicle. The collision occurred after 5:30 in the morning along State Route 65, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). No additional details were provided, but the thick fog shown by a Caltrans camera in the area might have contributed to the collision. The roadway remained closed until around 11:30 a.m., while an investigation was conducted.

Causes of a Motorcycle Fatality Accident

Whenever a motorcycle and motor vehicle collide, the rider is probably going to suffer serious injuries or become a fatality, especially at highway speeds. The danger is compounded when weather conditions prevent the rider from having a clear view ahead. Some of the ways in which a motorcycle fatality accident can occur due to a negligent driver are:

  • The driver is pulling out of a side road onto the highway and doesn’t spot a motorcyclist coming.
  • A driver sees a motorcycle coming but makes a left turn in front of them. In these cases, the driver thinks they can get across before the motorcycle reaches them, not realizing that it’s difficult to judge the speed and distance of a vehicle headed toward them.
  • Distracted driving results in many collisions, including with motorcycles. If the driver is texting or focusing on anything other than the road ahead, it can lead to a crash.
  • Speeding is another major cause of a motorcycle fatality accident. Because the driver is speeding, they require a longer distance in which to stop and can lose control of the vehicle.
  • Drunk driving is another cause of all types of collisions. Since a drunk driver often weaves in and out of their lane, it can cause them to strike a motorcycle rider coming from the other direction.
  • Tailgating can end up causing a motorcyclist to be ejected from their bike.

Filing a Claim for Wrongful Death in a Motorcycle Fatality Accident

Although motorcyclists are expected to follow the rules of the road just as others are, they also have the same rights. When a loved one is lost due to an accident, the family or estate of the deceased may file a wrongful death claim if a negligent driver or other entity was the cause. However, because motorcyclists are unfortunately portrayed as reckless in the movies, it’s important that they retain a lawyer who knows how to defend their rights. 

At our law office, we’ve successfully handled many wrongful death claims and know all the tricks pulled by insurance companies to try and deny a claim and know how to counter them. If the case should go to civil court, we know how to educate a biased jury on what motorcycle riders are really like as upstanding, cautious citizens who try to stay safe on the road. By filing a wrongful death claim, the family can recover:

  • The expenses for the funeral and burial
  • Wages the decedent would have earned until retirement age, including pension, insurance, and other additions to the job
  • The surviving spouse can recover damages for loss of consortium, comfort, and emotional support the decedent provided
  • Children in the family can recover damages for the loss of guidance and nurturing
  • Monetary compensation for the loss of household tasks performed by the decedent is recoverable
  • Loss of inheritance that would have come to the decedent’s beneficiaries

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