The Importance of Motorcycle Eye Safety

The Importance of Motorcycle Eye Safety

Motorcycle eye safety is an important and often-overlooked aspect of riding a motorbike. Over the past few years, motorcycle helmets have received a lot of attention. This attention is deserved. Helmets have the potential to prevent traumatic brain injuries from happening, saving lives. At the same time, it is just as important for everyone riding a motorcycle to think about eye safety. Unfortunately, this topic does not receive the attention it deserves.

Motorcycle eye safety not only protects people’s eyes from debris but also has the potential to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. It is incumbent on motorists everywhere to think about the safety of their eyes while riding a motorcycle. This has the potential to protect not only the rider but also other motorists on the road.

Ordinary Glasses Are Not Effective

There are many people who ride motorcycles, thinking that their prescription glasses or sunglasses are going to serve as adequate protection. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why these lenses are not enough to shield someone’s eyes while riding a motorcycle. First of all, the lenses that go into making typical prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses are not designed to stand up to the force of impact from flying debris. Therefore, these lenses are prone to breaking, making it hard to see while riding a motorcycle. Furthermore, the frames of these glasses are also not designed to withstand the impact of a motorcycle accident. These frames are simply not effective at protecting the eyes. This is where specialized motorcycle eye safety equipment is necessary.

The Power of Motorcycle Eye Safety

There are specialized glasses and goggles that have been designed for those who ride motorcycles. The lenses that go into motorcycle glasses need to pass specific impact tests before they can be sold as such. The lenses are made from a sturdy structure such as Trivex or polycarbonate. These materials are also used in military aircraft, showing how strong they are.

In addition, the frames of motorcycle goggles are also designed to stand up to a serious impact in the event of an accident. The frames are strenuously tested before they are used in motorcycle eye safety equipment. These glasses need to hold up both while riding a motorcycle and in the event of an accident. This is how motorcycle glasses both protect the eyes and prevent accidents.

Preventing Injuries and Accidents with Motorcycle Glasses

The eyes are delicate structures. They are vulnerable to debris that flies through the air when people ride at high speeds on the interstate. The most common projectiles that strike the eyes are bugs. Striking anything at 65 miles per hour can lead to serious damage; however, when the target is the eye, this can lead to pupillary trauma, retinal damage, and even an open globe injury. Wearing motorcycle eye safety gear can prevent this from happening.

In addition, wearing motorcycle glasses will make it easier to see. When people ride, the dust and grit that fly through the air can make it hard to see. Even the wind alone can obstruct someone’s vision. Motorcycle goggles can make it easier to see, preventing accidents from happening. Make sure to invest in proper motorcycle safety equipment.

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