Injuries Reported in Motorcycle Crash on Interstate 580 in Tracy

Motorcycle Crash on I-580 in Tracy Area

The California Highway Patrol reported a motorcycle crash on I-580 in the Tracy area on the morning of Tuesday, July 26, 2022. The incident took place at around 7:10 a.m. on eastbound Interstate 580 at the Grant Line Road onramp, CHP traffic officers said.

Details on the Motorcycle Crash on I-580 in the Tracy Area

A preliminary report revealed that a minivan was involved in a traffic collision with a motorcyclist. The minivan was located on the right-hand shoulder, and the motorcyclist was in the No. 1 Lane of eastbound I-580. First responders and crews with the Tracy Fire Department were requested at the scene to provide assistance. Details on the number of injured parties and the severity of reported injuries were not immediately available.

What Injured Motorcyclists Should Know About Personal Injury Claims

Motorcycle riders are more susceptible to serious injuries because of their lack of physical protection. With no steel frame or buffer to protect them from harm’s way, they are likely to suffer some of the most catastrophic injuries on the spectrum. Some of which may include head trauma, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, internal trauma, disfigurement, and more. In most cases, an injured biker may be in a position to take legal action against the at-fault party. This may be done so long as it can be proven through clear and compelling evidence that the other side’s negligence was the direct cause of the incident and subsequent injuries.

If successful, the insurance company representing the at-fault party will pay for economic and non-economic damages, such as medical bills, pain and suffering, lost earnings, and other losses. However, the recovery process is not always straightforward. That is because the insurance carrier may be looking for ways of downplaying the value of a bodily injury claim or outright denying it. This may occur through an insurer claiming that reported injuries are unrelated to the motorcycle crash, disputing liability for the collision, and other defense tactics. In other situations, the insurance company may delay the case in hopes of the statute of limitations expiring.

Remember that a lawsuit must be filed within the two-year statute of limitations, or the case may be dismissed by the court.
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Personal Injury Attorney in Tracy

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