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November 27, 2019
Edward Smith

Motorcycle Crash in Rio Linda Causes Major Injuries

A motorcycle crash on November 24 in Rio Linda caused serious injuries to the rider who was left lying in the road by a hit and run driver. The motorcyclist, 22, was hit by a pickup truck after midnight in the vicinity of Front and M streets. The injured motorcyclist has been identified as Douglas Slabbekorn. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the blue pickup was raised up on its frame and was tentatively identified as a Dodge Ram. The pickup sustained damage to the front end and the right passenger side. Slabbekorn was rushed to the hospital with a fractured leg, internal bleeding and a collapsed lung. 

More Details About the Motorcycle Crash

The CHP is still investigating the incident. The hit and run driver has not yet been apprehended, and the community is asked to provide the information they might have about the driver or the crash. The motorcyclist’s girlfriend, Adrianna Patterson, who is also the mother of their 4-year-old, urged the fleeing driver to come forward and take responsibility for the motorcycle crash. Video footage of the accident from a surveillance camera at a local business is being reviewed by police to help apprehend the perpetrator. A GoFundMe site for Slabbekorn has been established by the family to help with expenses due to the accident. 

Hit and Run Accidents

A driver is obligated to stop after an accident and provide contact information and offer aid if necessary. Not fulfilling this obligation is illegal, and motorists are penalized with fines or jail time. It is not necessary to hurt another person to be convicted of a hit and run. It doesn’t even matter if you were responsible for the accident. What does matter is that you did not stop. Yet, the number of fleeing drivers has escalated in the past decade. So, why with such consequences, does this continue to happen? Some reasons are:

  • The fleeing driver is impaired by alcohol or drugs and does not want to be caught. 
  • The hit and run driver has a warrant out for their arrest and does not want to be found.
  • Panic sets in after being involved in a motorcycle crash and the motorist does not want to face their responsibility in the accident.

Who Pays for Damages in a Hit and Run Motorcycle Crash

Some hit and run drivers are not apprehended. As lawyers, we are often asked by the injured party who will pay for their damages. When this occurs, it is possible for the injured person to use their own auto or motorcycle insurance policy, provided they have uninsured motorist protection. All insurance companies in California are required to offer this type of coverage, and a motorist must sign a waiver if they don’t want it. It covers a driver or motorcyclist, whether they are driving, walking, or cycling. However, if the injured person does not have uninsured motorist protection but a family member living with them does, they will be covered. The insurance premium is not increased when uninsured motorist protection is used.

What an Attorney Can Do for You

At our firm, we believe that anyone who negligently hurts another should be held responsible for their actions. To do this, it is necessary to prove that negligence occurred. We send our investigative team out to examine the accident scene, interview witnesses and review police reports for inaccuracies. Our investigators also canvass the neighborhood to find information that might help locate the perpetrator and obtain videos from businesses and traffic surveillance cameras. Once all this data is accumulated, it is released to our legal team, who use it to build a strong case for our client.

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