Motorcycle Collision on Jack Tone Road and SR-12 in Lockeford

Motorcycle Collision SR-12 in Lockeford

The California Highway Patrol, on September 15, 2023, reported a vehicle versus motorcycle collision on SR-12 in Lockeford. The crash occurred on State Route 12 and the Jack Tone Road bypass shortly after 11:40 a.m., officials said.

Details on the Motorcycle Collision on SR-12 in Lockeford

CHP traffic officers reported that a motorcycle rider was allegedly struck by a green Kia on State Route 12 in San Joaquin County. An ambulance was requested at the crash site to provide assistance. Authorities have not yet released additional information on the incident as an investigation is ongoing.

Seeking Financial Recovery in Car Versus Motorcycle Collision Cases

Recoverable damages may include past and future costs of medical treatment, past and future wage loss, physical disfigurement or disability, physical pain and emotional suffering, out-of-pocket expenses, and other losses. If a motorcyclist was fatally injured in a crash, surviving family members may be compensated for the loss of companionship, mental anguish, lost financial support, funeral bills, and more. It is essential to collect and preserve the evidence necessary to prove damages and ensure that the case file is complete before it is submitted to the insurance company.

To build a strong case against another driver for a vehicle versus motorcycle collision, there must be evidence to establish who caused the incident and how. From there, it must be demonstrated through clear evidence that the other side owed a duty of care, a breach of duty of care occurred, the breach was the direct cause of the incident, and others suffered damages as a result. For instance, drivers must follow the rules of the road. If a motorist fails to do so and causes a crash with another party, such as a motorcyclist, they may be held liable for the resulting losses.

Deadlines apply to cases of personal injury. As such, a two-year statute of limitations is generally applicable. However, some circumstances may affect this deadline. For that reason and others, it is essential to retain legal counsel to ensure that time limits and other filing criteria are met in the matter. Most attorneys, like ours at, offer free case reviews. When you turn to us for assistance, we can discuss your options at no obligation or cost to you and your family. We also work on contingency, which means we do not get paid unless our clients do.

Importance of Having an Attorney Following a Motorcycle Crash

Resolving a personal injury case for a car versus motorcycle wreck may be a challenging ordeal, particularly if the injuries prevent an individual from working and participating in activities of daily living. That is why it is recommended to retain legal counsel following a motorcycle collision. An injury attorney can handle all case-related details for an injured party, including completing and submitting all necessary documents, reading and reviewing police reports and medical records, and negotiating a favorable insurance settlement with the other side.

When an injured party works with our legal team at, we will work diligently to seek full compensation by negotiating a mutual agreement with the insurer. We will guide an injured individual through the legal process, make sure that they understand what to expect moving forward, and provide regular case updates as they occur. While an injured party focuses on recovering from their injuries, we will focus on building a strong and compelling case to ensure that they have the means to put their accident behind them.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Lodi

If a motorcycle collision left you with unexpected financial losses and expenses from getting injured, our legal team at can help you seek full compensation for your damages. With the assistance of our experienced Lodi personal injury lawyers, we will stop at nothing to obtain the financial recovery you need for your income loss, medical bills, and more. Learn more about how our attorneys will advocate for you by calling (209) 227-1931 or (800) 404-5400. We are available to review your potential case and provide advice that is friendly and free.

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