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Motorcycle Accident Numbers Increase


Motorcycle Accident Numbers Increase

I’m Ed Smith, a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Stockton. Motorcycle accidents cause severe injuries and staying safe while riding is important. However, negligent drivers of motor vehicles are responsible for many accidents with motorcyclists each year.

Motorcycle Accidents Increase

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported an 8-percent increase in motorcyclist fatalities in 2015 over the previous year with 4,976 deaths. Most of the deaths occurred to the drivers at 94 percent with passengers riding on the back accounting for 6 percent. Injuries were reported at around 88,000.

Local Accident Statistics

Stockton had a total of 2,271 accident injuries and fatalities in 2015, as reported by the California Office of Traffic Safety. Out of that total, 55 of the deaths and injuries were motorcycle riders. This represents a much higher increase than in 2014, which saw a total of 409 fatalities and injuries with 18 of them being motorcycle riders. Across San Joaquin County in 2015, 5,298 deaths and injuries were reported in total with 202 being motorcyclists. This also represented a large increase over 2014 with a total of 3,172 injuries and deaths reported in accidents with 133 of them being motorcyclists.

Sharing the Road With Motorcyclists offers handy tips to motorists on safely sharing the road with motorcycle riders.

  • Use caution when passing a motorcycle, use your signal and leave a distance of several extra car lengths when pulling back into the lane.
  • Be careful in inclement weather. Rainy, icy, foggy or snowy conditions can make it more difficult for a driver to spot a motorcycle on the roadway.
  • Don’t cut into a lane when a motorcycle rider is already there. You wouldn’t do it if it was another motor vehicle. While a motorcycle may be smaller, that doesn’t mean the rider shouldn’t have their own space.
  • Double check for motorcyclists when turning left. Motorcyclist fatalities and traumatic injuries frequently occur at intersections because the driver didn’t see the bike.
  • Signal a turn early when a motorcycle is traveling behind your vehicle. It can help avoid deadly rear-end collisions.
  • Never tailgate a motorcycle. While rear-ending another vehicle can cause serious injuries, it can result in even worse consequences for a motorcycle rider and potentially cause a multiple vehicle pileup.
  • Increase your vehicle’s distance from a motorcycle after dark, and remember to turn down your headlight beams when you see a motorcycle approaching, the same as you would do for another motor vehicle.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that Injuries are common in motorcycle accidents due to the lack of protection in a collision. Thirty-percent of accident injuries are found in the lower extremities. The head/neck area makes up 22 percent of injuries, which can include traumatic brain injury. The third largest area for injuries is found in the upper trunk and includes chest trauma. The lower trunk area follows with hip and pelvic fractures. The lower extremities are the least likely to suffer injuries, which can include bone fractures.

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