Motocross Biker Injured After Failed Jump Near Brentwood

Motocross Biker Injured After Failed Jump Near Brentwood

Motocross Biker Injured After Failed Jump Near Brentwood

I’m Ed Smith, a Brentwood Personal Injury Lawyer. Recently, a male motocross biker around the age of 30 was injured while riding on dirt bike tracks in East Contra Costa County. He was on one of the tracks at the Diablo MX Ranch when he attempted a jump but improperly landed. The landing left the motorcyclist with leg injuries, but the severity of his injuries does not appear to be life-threatening. Medical personnel and fire crews from the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District (ECCFPD) responded to the incident at 11:40 a.m. The injured cyclist was on 50 Camino Diablo, which is between Byron and Brentwood. A helicopter was used to transport the man to a nearby hospital.

Motocross Injury Statistics

Motocross emerged out of motorcycle competitions in the 1900’s, originating in the UK. These off-road rides typically happen on closed circuits and often involve many jumps.

A high majority (95%) of all motocross bikers have gotten injured at some point while riding. Injuries can happen as a result of freestyle motocross, where stunts and tricks are performed. However, all forms of motocross carry at least some risk.

Common Injuries from Motocross 

Broken Collarbone: When we fall in any situation, our body’s natural reaction is to put our hands down to cushion our landing. When a cyclist falls off their bike, their immediate instinct is to outstretch their arms to brace for landing, and this can result in a broken collarbone.

Shoulder Dislocation/Separation: Also referred to as an Acromio Clavicular joint spraint, AC sprains are highly likely to occur during a bad fall. This specific ligament is confined to a relatively weak part of the shoulder, making it vulnerable to injury.

Broken Wrist: Another typical injury that can happen after a hard fall is a broken wrist. The wrist is a complex structure, and a bad landing can cause a bone misalignment or break them into several pieces. Wrist guards can often reduce the impact of your wrist slamming against the ground, preventing the likelihood of breaking your wrist.

Torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament: The ACL is what connects our shinbone to our thigh. In motocross, if a rider has a bent knee while they attempt to land a jump, their ACL may tear in the process.

Broken Ankle: Ankles are a rather fragile structure, just as the wrist is. Breaking your ankle tends to result from awkward falls, specifically when a rider’s body is twisted in two different ways.

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