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August 27, 2019
Edward Smith

More Female Motorcycle Riders on the Road

This has been an exciting year for women in the motorcycle world. Whether it’s for adventure, freedom, independence, confidence, or the experience, more women are taking up motorcycle riding.

Number of Female Motorcyclists on the Rise

The growth of women motorcyclists is one of the most significant shifts in the motorcycling business. While men still dominate the motorcycle industry, the number of women riders has tripled in the past 30 years. According to the Institute for Highway Safety, only 6-percent of motorcycle riders were women in 1990. Today, about 20-percent of women own bikes and also ride them.

Study on Women Riders

A 2018 study by the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) found that an upward trend of women riding motorcycles is continuing its steady growth. According to the survey, the younger demographic has more women riders. Millennial riders make up 26-percent of women while 22 percent of women are Gen X riders. The study showed that as older riders phase-out of motorcycle riding, they are being replaced by a larger percentage of younger women.

Women Spending More Money

The MIC study also found that women tend to spend more money in the aftermarket than men. Women riders spend an average of $574 a year on parts, service, maintenance, and accessories. Meanwhile, men spend an average of $497. The study said the difference is due to strong growth in the aftermarket division for women with more gear that’s designed specifically for women.

Types of Bikes Women Prefer

The current study didn’t specify the types of motorcycles women prefer to ride. However, a similar study conducted by MIC in 2014 showed that 34-percent of women rode cruisers, while 33-percent of women rode scooters and only 10-percent of women rode sportbikes.

Women and Motorcycles

Women can ride all types of motorcycles, as the bikes are not gender-specific. However, with so many different styles of motorcycles on the market, there are a lot of choices. Although there aren’t any motorcycles that are specifically designed for women, there are some that are more suitable for female bikers based on height and weight.

  • Honda Shadow Spirit 750 C2 – this is a comfortable cruiser with a low seat. It is often recommended for new riders since its lightweight can allow riders to negotiate the road.
  • Kawasaki Ninja 250/300 – this is a popular choice for women who are looking for a sporty bike. It may have all the looks but not as much power since the engine is smaller.
  • Harley-Davidson Street Glide – for those looking for a middleweight bike, this is a popular choice due to its low slung and sleek style. The seat can be readily lowered for comfort while riding.
  • Victory Gunner – this bike has the style of a cruiser but also has a sporty look. It provides both power and performance.
  • Suzuki SV650/S – with its narrow and low seat, this bike is the top choice for women who are on the shorter side.

Motorcycling is More Socially Acceptable

Women riders have remained the fastest growing population in the motorcycle world. However, female motorcycle riders have not always been socially acceptable. Although gender stereotypes may have played a huge role in associating men with motorcycles, women are demonstrating that their place extends far beyond the kitchen.

In recent decades, motorcycling has grown in acceptance and popularity in American culture. About 66-percent of female motorcycle riders say their friends and family have a positive attitude toward them riding motorcycles.

Watch YouTube Video: Woman Motorcycle Riders Tear Up the Road. This video from Voice of America News explains why 21st-century women are joining a women-only motorcycle club and prefer roaring down the road on a bike.

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