Modesto Pedestrian Fatality

Modesto Pedestrian Fatality

Modesto Pedestrian Fatality

I’m Ed Smith, a Modesto pedestrian injury lawyer. A vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian along Highway 99 on Tuesday, just south of the city of Modesto.

What Happened?

pedestrian crash involving a motor vehicle occurred on Tuesday evening, July 12, 2016. Sadly, the victim passed away as a result of her severe injuries.

Location of Modesto Pedestrian Fatality – Crows Landing Road

California Highway Patrol reports that the location of the accident occurred in the vicinity of Crows Landing Road in the lanes proceeding north. The victim’s identity was not immediately available.

California Pedestrian Law

The most common ways pedestrians are hurt in California are by drivers:

  • Making right and left turns
  • Making U-Turns or backing up
  • Driver Distraction by texting, using their phones or applying makeup, etc.

Driver Has Duty to Maintain a Proper Lookout

Every driver behind the wheel of a motor vehicle must keep a proper watch and lookout. He or she needs to pay attention to the road in front of them including watching for pedestrians. (Johnson v Johnson (1948) 84 Cal. App. 2nd 271.

The Motorist has a Greater Duty of Care than does the Person Travelling on Foot

We all have a duty to remain vigilant and on the lookout (even pedestrians), but the California courts have long recognized that the danger posed by a 4500 pound car is much more significant than that posed by a person travelling on foot. The courts therefore demand a larger duty of care by the driver  of a car or other type of motor vehicle. (Arentz vs Blackshere (1967) 248 Cal. App. 2nd 638.

If driving through a location where kids are often present, a motorist has an even larger duty to maintain care. See Hilyar v Union Ice Company (1955) 45 Cal. 2d 30.

A driver must yield to anyone proceeding through a crosswalk. The pedestrian has the right of way. California Vehicle Code 19150.

Even when a person proceeding on foot is not in a designated crosswalk, a motorist has a higher duty of care to be watchful for them. (Karr v Sherer (1955) 132 Cal App 2d 835.

No Passing at Intersections

If the driver of a motor vehicle stops to allow a pedestrian to cross in front of him at an intersection, no other car can try to overtake and pass the stopped car.  California Vehicle Code 21951.

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