Missed Clots in Car Accidents

 Missed Clots in Car Accidents

Missed Clots in Car Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer. Blood clots are blockages in the blood vessels of the body. Blood needs to flow from place to place to ensure that the various organs and tissues have the oxygen and nutrients that they need to survive. When a blood clot forms, this blockage prevents these nutrients from getting where they need to go. This can starve the body’s tissues of the necessary supplies and could possibly lead to tissue death. In an auto accident, it is possible for blood clots to form as a reactionary process. If someone is involved in a serious accident, they can suffer a variety of serious injuries, such as bone fractures. When bones are broken, they can release their internal substances, such as bone marrow. These crystals can impact the various blood vessels with small clots that can create problems. Blood clots can also form a reactionary process of trauma. When the body suffers an injury, the various cells start to flow to the site of the damage to try and start the repair process. Unfortunately, these cells can also cause a clot to form, leading to the same problems as a normal blood clot. Clots that form in the heart or lungs have the potential to be fatal. Therefore, it is important to diagnose these clots quickly.

Diagnosis of Blood Clots

There are several different ways that a blood clot can be diagnosed, and much of this depends on the location of the clot in the body. If there is a concern for a clot in the heart (a heart attack), this is often first picked up on an electrocardiogram (EKG). It will show that the heart is struggling to beat in its regular rhythm. If there is a concern for a clot in the lungs (a pulmonary embolism) or the brain (a stroke), the first signs of this could be picked up on a CT scan. This can show tissue damage in the location of the clot, creating significant concern for the entire medical team. Ultimately, if there is concern that a blood clot is anywhere in the body, the definitive diagnosis can be made using an angiogram. This is an image that shows the image of dye that flows through the bloodstream. If the dye suddenly stops in a specific location, this could be a sign that there is a clot in this location. If a clot is identified it needs to be removed as quickly as possible.

Complications of Missing Blood Clots are Serious

If a blood clot is missed, all of the tissue behind that clot will be deprived of the necessary nutrients that they need to survive. People could start to notice that the location of the clot hurts worse and worse. If the clot is near the surface, they could begin to see discoloration occur at the site. Ultimately, if the missed blood clot is in the heart, brain, or lung, the consequences can even be deadly. If the heart is deprived of oxygen, it will stop beating, denying the entire body of oxygen and blood it needs to survive. Clots in the brain that are missed could lead to permanent personality, motor, or sensory changes. Missed blood clots in the lungs may also be fatal if the lungs stop working. Sometimes, smaller clots that are not fatal can still make it extremely painful for someone to breathe.

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