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March 20, 2023
Edward Smith

Interstate Multiple-Vehicle Accident Near Knighton Road

A multiple-vehicle accident in Redding on March 14 resulted in minor trauma. The collision happened around 3:01 p.m. along southbound Interstate 5 just south of the Knighton Road off-ramp. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the incident involved five to six vehicles, including a Chrysler Town and Country van and a Chevy Avalanche. 

Multiple-Vehicle Accident Results in Minor Injuries

The Chevy exited the roadway due to the crash. The pickup ended up 50 feet off the roadway down an embankment in the mud, which had to be hauled up to the roadway. The collision blocked several lanes of traffic. The accident resulted in only minor injuries.

Multiple-Vehicle Freeway Accidents

Multiple-vehicle freeway accidents are some of the most serious types of car collisions on our roads due to their potential for high levels of injury, property damage and fatalities. Below are some of the most common causes:

  • Poor weather conditions – Low visibility from heavy fog or rain, slippery roads due to ice or snow and gusts of wind can all make it difficult for drivers to control their vehicles and remain on course. This can lead to crashes involving multiple vehicles.
  • Inattentive drivers – Even in good weather and road conditions, drivers who are not paying attention to the road and are distracted by cell phones, loud music or other passengers pose a significant risk of causing an accident.
  • Unfamiliarity with roads – Drivers unfamiliar with the roads or do not know the speed limit in a particular area are more likely to cause an accident as they cannot accurately gauge how long it would take to stop their vehicle in time.
  • Speeding – Excessive speed is a major factor in the severity of multiple-vehicle freeway accidents. The faster a vehicle moves, the more difficult it is to slow down or stop quickly if an obstacle arises or another car suddenly changes lanes in front of them.
  • Unsafe merging and lane changes – Poorly timed lane changes, abrupt merging and driving between two lanes of traffic are all hazardous behaviors that can lead to a multiple-vehicle accident.
  • Road hazards – Poorly maintained roads, construction and debris on the roadway can cause drivers to swerve or change lanes abruptly to avoid serious damage or injury, leading to crashes with other vehicles. The government entity responsible for the multiple-vehicle accident can be liable for injuries or fatalities. The time limit to file a claim is six months, and getting help from an accident attorney may be advisable.
  • Fatigue – Drowsy driving can cause drivers to become less alert and more prone to making mistakes on the road. This can easily lead to a multiple-vehicle accident if several cars are involved.

Placing a Personal Injury Claim After a Multiple-Vehicle Accident

After a multiple-vehicle accident, it can be difficult to determine liability. If you were injured in an accident, you might be able to file a personal injury claim. However, it is crucial to understand the nuances of filing such a claim when multiple vehicles and drivers are involved. An accident attorney can examine the accident to determine where fault lies, so a client can recover total compensation, which can include:

  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Loss of future income if necessary
  • Physical, emotional and psychological pain and suffering
  • Damages for scarring or disfigurement

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