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Metatarsal Fracture

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October 30, 2017
Edward Smith


Metatarsal Fracture

I’m Ed Smith, a Personal Injury Lawyer in Sacramento. The foot is a complicated structure with numerous small bones that must work together to function appropriately. One of these sets of bones is the metatarsal bones.

What is a Metatarsal Fracture?

The metatarsals are the bones that connect the toes to the larger part of the foot. They are the last bones in the base of the foot prior to reaching the toes. They are vulnerable to traumatic injury. A bone fracture that occurs in a metatarsal is called a metatarsal fracture.

Mechanism of Injury

The vast majority of the breaks that occur in the metatarsals happen as a result of stress fractures. This happens while playing sports or from a fall during strenuous activity. Sometimes, when someone is crossing the street, a pedestrian injury leading to a metatarsal fracture can occur. A twist and plant injury can lead to an avulsion fracture of a metatarsal.

Treatment of a Metatarsal Fracture

The diagnosis of a metatarsal fracture is the first step in a proper treatment. Any person with concern for a fracture in any of these bones will receive a set of scans, such as an x-ray or an MRI to ensure that a proper diagnosis is made. After this, the treatment is rest and the removal of stress from the base of the foot. This could entail crutches or a boot. After several weeks, the bones will heal properly and weight bearing can resume.

Possible Complications

The vast majority of complications and comorbidities which develop from metatarsal fractures do so because of inappropriate weight bearing early in the healing process. This can lead to re-injury and the worsening of fractures in the foot.

Structures at Risk

If someone develops a fracture in their metatarsal, the other bones in the vicinity are also at risk of being broken. This means the tarsal bones, the calcaneus, and the bones in the ankle. These bones must be investigated carefully to rule out any associated injuries that might otherwise be missed on a physical exam or imaging scan, such as an MRI.

Differential Diagnosis

There are several different injuries that must be considered when an injury to the foot occurs. These injuries include:

Injury Prognosis

The mechanism of the injury will influence the prognosis; however, most people that develop a metatarsal fracture will make a full recovery if they follow the appropriate treatment plan.

Surgery is Rare

Few people require surgery to repair this injury as the fracture is rarely displaced. If it is, surgery may be required.

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