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March 16, 2016
Edward Smith

Medical Treatment After Car Crash

Medical Treatment After Car Crash

Medical Treatment After Car Crash

I’m Ed Smith, a Roseville auto accident attorney. Often times, the cause of a car crash is clear. Perhaps there is no denying who is at fault. Meanwhile, the injured party does not seek medical treatment for days. Or, sometimes weeks after the crash. Typically, a party hopes the injury will improve on its own.

How Insurance Adjusters Work

The insurance company will quickly jump on cases where treatment has been delayed. Adjusters working in the insurance industry will offer very little or nothing to the injured party. They may claim that since the person did not seek immediate treatment, she or he must have been injured at a later date. Or, not in the crash caused by their insured.

Unfair, But Common Practice

As disturbing and unfair as this seems, it is a common practice. It is happening in almost every personal injury case where there has been a delay in seeking medical treatment.

What Can Be Done to Combat It?

This treatment is unfair. To combat it, it may be beneficial to consider medical articles that discuss the typical onset time for symptoms after an accident. One of the more common reasons for a delay in seeking medical attention is that post-traumatic swelling (or edema) often does not cause pain right away. Sometimes pain does not present until 2 to 5 days after a person sustains a back or neck injury.

Sometimes radicular symptoms happen after accidents where pain extends down the leg or arm often due to disc injuries. Medical literature indicates that many times such symptoms do not happen until three months after a back or neck injury.

Sometimes an upper extremity injury like a myofascial adhesion or thoracic outlet syndrome may only become symptomatic two to four months after an accident.

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