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April 18, 2019
Edward Smith

Maxillary Fracture in an Auto Accident

The maxilla is the top bone of the jaw and is prone to be fractured in an auto accident. The maxilla articulates with the mandible, which is the lower bone of the jaw, to help people speak and chew. If the maxilla is fractured, this can lead to problems talking, eating, and even breathing. Furthermore, there are serious complications that could develop with a maxillary fracture. Some of the mechanisms of a maxillary fracture include:

  • Suffering a direct blow to the face in a physical assault.
  • An impact to the face while playing sports.
  • An auto versus pedestrian accident where the individual strikes their face on the pavement.
  • A collision with the steering wheel or the dashboard in an auto accident.

A motor vehicle collision is one of the most common ways in which someone might sustain a fracture of the maxilla. When this happens, it is essential for everyone to understand how the injury is diagnosed and treated. If it is not handled properly, it could lead to some severe complications.

The Diagnosis of a Maxillary Fracture

A direct blow to the face is the most common manner in which individuals fracture their mandible. Often, when they present to the physician, there is an obvious deformity of the facial structure. This is a clue to the physician, who will likely then order imaging to get a better look at the structure of the mandible. Frequently, multiple facial bones have been fractured. In addition to the maxilla, these might include:

  • The mandible
  • The zygomatic arch
  • The orbital bones of the eyes
  • Damage to the nasal bridge and septum

These associated injuries could complicate the treatment process. Once the physician has a better idea of the location and number of facial fractures, the treatment process can start.

How is a Maxillary Fracture Treated?

In some cases, a maxillary fracture could require surgery to correct. Some of the reasons why surgery could be necessary include:

  • There is swelling in the face which is leading to damage to other important facial structures.
  • The bones of the face are not in the proper location.
  • There is severe pain.
  • Damage has occurred to both the maxilla and the mandible, so the bones do not properly articulate.

In some cases, individuals might not be able to chew for several weeks after the injury. Furthermore, physical therapy might be required to help individuals learn how to eat once again. This can lead to some serious quality of life issues and might make it hard for an individual to return to work or school.

Watch YouTube Video: Mandible and Facial Fractures. This video provides a look at a 3-dimensional reconstruction of a CT scan image done on a patient who suffered fractures to the maxillary and mandible.

Contacting an Injury Lawyer

Following the diagnosis of a maxillary fracture, the treatment process could be prolonged. Depending on the severity of the injury, an individual could require surgery. This might even be followed by months of physical therapy. It is understandable for families to feel stressed during this time. For assistance, it is helpful to reach out to an injury lawyer in Sacramento. Some of the resources that a legal professional may provide include:

  • Negotiating with financial institutions to assist families in maximizing their benefits.
  • Working with accident reconstruction professionals who can recreate what happened at the scene of the collision.
  • Transitioning a case to trial when needed.

Finally, families need to know that they are not alone. Reach out to a Sacramento car accident lawyer today. You could be owed a sizeable financial settlement.

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