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December 04, 2016
Edward Smith

manteca bulletin car accident

Drunk Driver Crashes Into Manteca Home

I’m Ed Smith, a Manteca car accident lawyer. A motorist crashed into a Manteca home on the night of Tuesday, November 29, 2016.  This was a frightening incident for residents in the area and has been reported as a drunk driving accident.

What Happened?

Armida Arteaga, 38, was reportedly under the influence moments before she walked into the garage to start up her 2004 white Honda. Arteaga then got in the vehicle and abruptly accelerated the Honda through the garage door. The fast take-off of the vehicle caused Arteaga to knock down bushes and leave tire tracks on a home’s lawn along Sallie O Drive. This all happened right before Arteaga sideswiped a home and an inflatable snowman with her vehicle.

Drunk Driver Crashes Into Parked Vehicle

The vehicle careened back onto the roadway and crashed into a black Ford Mustang that was parked along the curb. The impact of the collision propelled the Mustang to spin and come to a rest on a nearby driveway.

Drunk Driver Crashes Into Home

After Arteaga’s vehicle crashed into the Mustang, the vehicle somehow spun out, proceeded in front of the Mustang and collided into the side of a home. Arteaga was unsuccessful in backing up the vehicle out of the home due to the rear of the vehicle that was partially stuck in the side of the structure. This home was actually three houses down from where Arteaga walked into the garage to drive off in her vehicle.

Drunk Driver Flees

After witnesses shattered the window on the passenger side of Arteaga’s vehicle with a hammer, Arteaga was able to get out of the crashed vehicle. Neighbors that had just walked outside to see what had just happened reported that Arteaga attempted to flee from the scene by walking down the street and away from the scene of the collision.

Police Detains Drunk Driver

A police officer was able to catch up with Arteaga and detain her in handcuffs. The officer escorted Arteaga back to his patrol vehicle to transport her to the police station. Arteaga was charged for driving under the influence and was booked into the San Joaquin County Jail. Records from the county jail website revealed that Arteaga was booked for the night in jail and was later released from custody the following morning on Wednesday, November 30, 2016.

If you’ve suffered personal injuries as a result of someone driving drunk and causing an accident, please call an experienced accident attorney who will help you recover compensation for your damages.

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