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May 13, 2023
Edward Smith

I-5 Motorcycle Accident Occurs Near Old River Road

A solo-vehicle motorcycle accident in West Sacramento caused major injuries to the rider on May 8. The incident happened around 5:26 p.m. along southbound Interstate 5 near Old River Road, blocking the highway and leaving the rider in the number two lane. The motorcycle was found by California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers in the center divider. 

Investigation Being Conducted to Determine Cause of Motorcycle Accident

The motorcycle rider was alert; however, had suffered major trauma and was transported by medics to a hospital. The accident is under investigation by CHP Traffic investigators to determine why the collision happened.

Causes of a Single-Vehicle Motorcycle Crash

Single-vehicle motorcycle accidents are often assumed to be caused by rider error, but in reality, there are many other causes that may contribute to such an accident. Some of the most common non-rider-related causes of single-vehicle motorcycle accidents include:

  • Poor road conditions or debris on the roadway: Potholes, gravel, or debris can cause a rider to lose control of their bike and lead to an accident. When poor roadway conditions cause a motorcycle accident, the government entity in charge may be liable for injuries. Since the statute of limitations for government claims is only six months, getting the assistance of an injury lawyer can ensure paperwork is handled correctly and filed on time.
  • Defective parts: Faulty brakes, steering components, tires, etc., can result in an unexpected loss of control and subsequent crash. Retaining the vehicle following a motorcycle accident is important, so it can be examined for defects. If one is found that caused the injury accident, the maker of the part, manufacturer and others may be held responsible by filing a product liability claim.
  • Dangerous weather conditions like rain, fog, or high winds: These factors can limit visibility and reduce traction which makes it difficult to maintain control of the bike.
  • Poor visibility: Unclear signs or hidden hazards can lead to unexpected obstacles in the roadway, which may cause a rider to swerve suddenly and lose control. Again, the government entity may be responsible if hidden hazards such as debris or unclear signs cause a motorcycle accident.
  • Other drivers: Drivers who are not paying attention or fail to follow traffic laws can create a dangerous environment for motorcycle riders and increase their chances of an accident. In some cases, they are texting or chatting on their cell phone. Aggressive drivers may tailgate a motorcyclist or even try to force them off the roadway.

An injury lawyer can investigate an accident to determine fault. If a separate entity or driver caused your motorcycle crash, the lawyer can help you recover the compensation you deserve to cover your medical costs, lost wages and more.

In the video below, Attorney Ed Smith offers a few helpful tips for hiring a lawyer:

West Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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