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February 14, 2024
Edward Smith

Sacramento Three-Vehicle Wreck Occurs on Marconi Avenue

A major injury occurred recently in a Sacramento three-vehicle wreck on Marconi Avenue. California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers reported the collision occurred around 10:52 a.m. between Becerra Way and Montclaire Street. The accident involved a Toyota Camry, a Toyota Sienna, and an additional unidentified vehicle. One of the involved vehicles crashed into a pole. 

Patient Transported With Injury in Sacramento Three-Vehicle Wreck

Both vehicles sustained significant front-end damage. Sacramento Fire Department paramedics determined that a major injury had occurred and transported the patient to a hospital. Tow trucks removed the damaged vehicles from the scene. The CHP traffic accident unit detectives are determining how the crash occurred and assigning fault. 

Multiple-Vehicle Accidents and Negligence

In the aftermath of a severe Sacramento three-vehicle wreck, recovering compensation depends on determining who is responsible. An accident lawyer’s investigation of a collision helps determine negligence, which allows injured parties to place compensation claims. Negligence can lead to collisions in the following ways:

  • As a result of texting, talking with passengers, or checking their GPS, the driver wasn’t paying attention to traffic, causing the collision. 
  • One vehicle caused the collision by tailgating and failing to stop before causing a crash.
  • Traffic was slowing ahead when a speeding driver hit another vehicle.
  • An impaired driver weaved in and out of lanes while speeding and slowing down. The result was an accident.
  • A driver switched lanes without signaling, which led to a collision.

Evidence Gathering in Injury Claims

To determine who was negligent in a Sacramento three-vehicle wreck, an accident attorney has to investigate. To support a compensation claim, an accident attorney needs evidence. The claim’s chances of success will be low without it. 

Collecting Evidence to Support a Client’s Claim

An accident lawyer must provide sufficient evidence to insurance companies to ensure that injured parties receive fair compensation. Following an accident, evidence recovery occurs in the following ways:

  • Investigators interview the witnesses since they may have valuable information about what transpired, such as how the cars collided. Witnesses have often filmed accidents as they occurred, which provides strong evidence.
  • Photo evidence is taken by our investigators at the scene, including the vehicles, roadway marks, and other damage.
  • Investigators check whether traffic or business cameras captured the accident on film. Attorneys use subpoenaed video evidence in civil cases or used to negotiate with an insurance company.
  • Accident reconstruction demonstrates how the collision occurred and the vehicle positions before, during, and afterward, which is another valuable piece of evidence to investigators.
  • Double-checking the police report is necessary to succeed because inaccuracies can affect the client’s ability to file a personal injury claim. However, the attorney can include an addendum correcting the misinformation if a mistake exists.

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