Major Injury Reported in Fair Oaks Intersection Crash

Accident at Madison Avenue and Dewey Drive Injures One Person

A major injury was reported in an intersection collision in Fair Oaks on February 15 that sent one person to the hospital. The intersection collision occurred at Madison Avenue and Dewey Drive at around 2:18 in the afternoon and involved an SUV, Dodge pickup, and a sedan. According to the CHP, the Dodge Ram ran through a red light as it turned onto Dewey, striking a Toyota Highlander. After that, the Highlander was struck a second time by a Toyota Camry behind it. The intersection was blocked while emergency responders and officers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) handled the accident.

More Information About the Major Injury Accident

One person who called the CHP to report the Fair Oaks accident advised that a window had to be broken out of the SUV to get the people out. Emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived to assess possible injuries in the crash. A Sacramento woman, age 43, who was in the Highlander, suffered major injuries and was transported to a hospital for more treatment and evaluation. The CHP is investigating the major injury accident to determine how it happened.

Serious Injuries in Intersection Accidents

Intersections are built to allow multiple vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists to safely interact with one another. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, primarily due to driver error. Around 40 percent of the 2.5 million accidents that happen nationwide annually occur at intersections. This, along with the fact that 20 percent of fatal crashes also happen at intersections, make these crossroads a dangerous place.

Both drivers and city and state agencies in charge of constructing and maintaining intersections can be negligent, leading to a major injury. Because of this, it is necessary to have legal assistance when you are involved in an intersection crash.

Frequent Causes of Intersection Accidents

Both driver error and intentional acts are often involved in intersection crashes. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Running a red light: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that the major cause of intersection accidents is a driver who runs a red light. This happens in about 45 percent of intersection crashes. In addition, 18 percent of all crashes in an intersection happen when a driver races through a yellow signal. Aside from this, an additional 36 percent occur when a driver intentionally runs through a red light.
  • Failure to yield the right of way: When traffic signals or signs are not available, drivers are still obligated to yield the right of way to others. Although there are multiple reasons for not doing it, this driver error puts the wayward motorist in the intersection facing oncoming traffic. It also causes pedestrian injuries.
  • Turning improperly: Right-hand turns can be dangerous in a number of ways. Some streets restrict the driver from turning right and do so because of the crash risk. When drivers make a right-hand turn in a prohibited area, the chance of a major injury is increased. Another problem with right-hand turns is that some drivers try to cut across lanes. This is a danger to everyone involved.
  • Defective lights: This error is due to poor maintenance. When this happens and a major injury results, it is possible to hold the government agency in charge of maintenance responsible. The timeline to file a claim against a government agency is different from other personal injury cases and having an attorney to help you will ensure that all documents will be filed in a timely manner.

Investigating an Intersection Accident

Our investigators focus on unearthing evidence that will help provide a successful outcome to a case. They do this by:

  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Obtaining videos of the accident
  • Reviewing police reports for mistakes
  • Using accident reconstruction to determine liability

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