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Major Injury Crash Occurs on Thanksgiving in Sacramento

One Vehicle Mangled in Major Injury Crash on Thanksgiving

A major injury crash in Sacramento involving three vehicles occurred on Thanksgiving Day. The accident happened shortly after 3:30 in the morning along Elkhorn Boulevard and Diablo Drive close to Interstate 80. Sacramento Police Department officials reported that out of the three vehicles involved in the accident, two drivers had to be extricated from overturned vehicles by emergency responders. Both were transported to a nearby hospital for the additional treatment of injuries and further evaluation. The accident is being investigated to determine what caused the major injury crash.

Overturned Vehicles

Of all types of vehicular accidents, those involving a rollover are more likely to cause a major injury crash due to:

  • Occupants being thrown about in the vehicle: As the car or SUV flips over, sometimes multiple times, the occupants are exposed to flying debris within the vehicle and might be thrown about. The potential for injury is high in this situation.
  • Occupants being thrown from the vehicle: The rollover motion leads to occupant ejection in many cases, particularly if they do not wear their seatbelt in this type of major injury crash. Being thrown from a moving vehicle onto the pavement results in serious injuries such as traumatic brain injury or death. 
  • Roof crush: Potentially one of the most serious outcomes of a rollover accident is the chance of roof crush. As the vehicle overturns, the supportive infrastructure must be able to sustain the weight of the vehicle several times over. Federal standards mandate that the structure must be able to withstand three and one-half times the vehicle’s weight. If this is not available, the occupants will be trapped in the vehicle as the roof gives way and crashes down upon them. 

Roof Crush and Defective Vehicles

Since standards exist for roof strength, a major injury crash that is due to roof crush involves liability. The manufacturer that sells vehicles below the standard violates consumer safety laws and avoids their duty to provide a safe vehicle. This can lead to a product liability lawsuit.

To file a claim against the manufacturer in California, it is unnecessary to prove negligence. However, it is necessary to prove that if the vehicle is used in a way that it is supposed to be used, the chance exists that a major injury crash will result. 

To supply such proof, the vehicle must be examined for defects or lack of adherence to acceptable standards. This means that the car or SUV must be preserved after the crash so investigators can check it for flaws in manufacturing.

Investigating a Major Injury Crash

To gather evidence that will lead to a successful outcome, we send our investigators to the scene of the accident. They check for liability using accident reconstruction and obtain videos of the crash scene from several sources. The investigative team also checks police records for mistakes since these are widely used in negotiations and court. Our investigators also examine the vehicle for structural defects that can lead to roof crush. Once the evidence is amassed, it is sent to our lawyers, who use it to build a robust case for our client.

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