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Major Injury Caused by Rollover in Sacramento

Rollover on State Route 51 Injures Driver

A major injury was reported in a single-vehicle rollover in Sacramento on February 6. The accident happened along southbound State Route 51 at the Fulton Avenue off-ramp around 6:23 in the evening. When the vehicle rolled, according to the traffic report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), it knocked down two signs, including the merge sign. 

Highway Blocked to Traffic by Major Injury Accident

The rolled vehicle ended up blocking the lanes of the highway, which reduced traffic to a single lane. A Sigalert was issued to warn motorists to use caution, which was in place for almost an hour. Responders with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived to assess the driver’s condition, and it was determined that the patient had suffered a major injury. 

Additional Information About the Major Injury Accident

The patient was transported to UC Davis Medical Center for additional evaluation and treatment. No update on that person’s condition has been released. The CHP is investigating the major injury rollover to determine how it occurred.

Causes of a Rollover

Rollovers are among the most dangerous types of accidents, and suffering a major injury is common. This is because once the airbags have deployed, they deflate and offer no further protection to those inside the vehicle. Narrower, taller vehicles are the most likely to become involved in a rollover, such as SUVs, light trucks, and vans. Although some are caused by driver error, others are due to an outside influence such as:

  • A broadside collision by a negligent driver: Being struck in the side at a higher rate of speed can result in a rollover.
  • Government negligence: Entrance and exit ramps that are poorly designed can lead to a rollover collision with a major injury. Potholes and soft shoulders on the roadway can lead to this type of accident.
  • Tire grip or defect: Tires with too strong a grip can cause a major injury rollover. This is a problem experienced by SUVs and other top-heavy vehicles. In addition, tire separation or a blowout can lead to an accident. 
  • Vehicle defect: Manufacturing problems such as defective electronic stability control can lead to a major injury rollover.

Added Dangers of a Rollover

An added danger to a rollover is roof crush. This can occur if the lateral support for a vehicle’s roof isn’t strong enough to support its weight. However, auto manufacturers are required to provide enough roof strength to support three times the vehicle’s weight. If this does not happen and the roof crushes, causing a major injury or fatality, the manufacturer can be held liable through a product liability lawsuit. This is one reason why it is vitally important to retain a vehicle following an accident so that it can be examined for defects.

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