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Major Injury Accident in Sacramento Involves Red-Light Runner

West Elkhorn Boulevard Intersection Accident Causes Major Injury

A major injury was reported in Sacramento on April 9 in a two-vehicle intersection collision. The incident involved a tow truck and Infiniti SUV and, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), occurred around 7:33 a.m. at West Elkhorn Boulevard and East Commerce Way. The incident report by the CHP stated that a Dodge Ram tow truck ran a red light and collided with the SUV. 

One Patient Transported to Hospital in Major Injury Accident

Sacramento Fire Department first responders determined that one person involved in the accident had suffered a major injury, and that patient was transported to a hospital. The roadway remained shut down for about an hour while the scene was cleared and an investigation conducted.

Collisions at Intersections

Negligent drivers are the most common reason for crashes at intersections, and this is where about 40 percent of all traffic accidents occur. Some of the more common causes of a major injury accident at an intersection are:

  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Making a right turn
  • Making an improper or careless left turn
  • Auto defects
  • Government negligence in maintaining the roadway or traffic lights
  • Poorly designed intersections

Obtaining the Advice of an Injury Lawyer

Those who are injured in a major injury accident are often hospitalized and can face high medical bills as well as lost time from work in addition to the pain and suffering they experience. Over the years, my law office has helped many people get fair compensation for their accident injuries, and we offer a free consultation to answer your questions and advise you of your options. Areas in which you can recover damages include:

  • Medical costs: Injured people often end up owing an ambulance bill, hospital and physician costs, rehabilitation, testing and medications. These costs can be recovered. If the injury is expected to continue into the future, those costs are factored in.
  • Lost wages: Wages the injured person would have earned, along with any bonuses or other benefits, is recoverable.
  • Pain and suffering: In addition to compensation for the physical pain and suffering, additional claims may be made for the damage to the injured person’s relationship with a spouse and children. 

Conducting an Investigation Into an Accident

Because negligence by another person or entity has to be shown for a client to obtain compensation, evidence in the case has to be gathered as proof. Our investigators go to the accident site as soon as possible to perform the following:

  • The incident report by the police is examined to ensure it has no mistakes. 
  • Witnesses to the major injury accident are interviewed for corroborating statements on how the collision occurred.
  • Accident reconstruction is performed, which indicates how the collision happened, shows the positioning of the vehicles and also includes photographing the vehicles and scene.
  • Traffic, roadway and business cameras are located, which can show film of the major injury accident as it happened. This video footage can be subpoenaed to support the client’s claim.

Once all the evidence has been gathered, our injury lawyers go to work to use it in building a strong case. Usually, cases can be settled out of court with the insurance company. However, if necessary because the insurance company won’t pay what is needed, our lawyers are prepared to take it to civil court.

Car Accident Lawyer in Sacramento

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