Major Injuries Suffered During Truckee Big-Rig Crash

Major Trauma Suffered During Truckee Big-Rig Crash

At least one person suffered serious trauma during a Truckee big-rig crash on Friday, February 12, 2021. The accident happened late at night and, according to California Highway Patrol (CHP), involved three vehicles in addition to the semi truck. The number of people who sustained injuries wasn’t reported, and accident response was underway at the time of reporting.

Collision Details

CHP traffic reports state that the collision happened at around 12:30 a.m. on the Donner Rest Area Off-Ramp off of Highway Interstate 80. According to police, the crash involved a Toyota Tacoma and a sedan of unreported make and model as well as the semi-truck. Specific information about the circumstances of the accident hasn’t been provided by officers so far.

Following the crash, police were dispatched to the site and arrived at around 1:00 a.m. When they arrived, officers discovered that at least one individual was seriously hurt and called for an ambulance. Additionally, Cal Fire was called to assist with accident response. Additionally, CHP reports stated that roadway conditions were snowy at the time of the accident.


While police have indicated that they will be investigating this accident, no likely causes were mentioned in reports. Often, trucking accidents are caused by a confluence of factors and may involve things not under trucker or driver control. For instance, a truck may have had malfunctioning parts, or the roadway may have lacked adequate lighting or signage.

Truck Accident Injuries

Big-rigs often weigh as much as 70,000 pounds and, because of their enormous size, collisions involving these vehicles are likely to cause major injuries that have a huge impact on survivors’ lives, even if the accident happened at low speeds. Because truck accident injuries tend to be so severe, survivors often need to receive extensive treatment that can include surgeries, long-term hospital stays, physical therapy, and more.

All of this treatment can be extremely expensive. Furthermore, affording quality medical care can be difficult if your injury made it impossible for you to do your job. With medical expenses and lost income, accident survivors may worry about their future.

Taking Quick Action

While the above issues are very serious, it is often possible to claim payments to cover these damages. This can be accomplished by filing a personal injury claim and holding at-fault parties financially responsible for the losses you’ve suffered.

However, trucking companies are typically very quick to begin putting together a legal defense, and their aggressive action can make it hard for injured parties to obtain fair compensation. To counteract this, it is important that you contact a Truckee truck accident lawyer at your earliest opportunity.

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