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Major Injuries Suffered During Arcata Area Collision

Major Injuries Sustained During Arcata Area Collision

On Sunday, October 11, 2020, at least one person was seriously injured during an Arcata area collision. The Humboldt area California Highway Patrol (CHP) office reported that the crash involved one vehicle and happened on a local highway during the morning. Additionally, one individual was ejected through a vehicle window during the incident. The cause of the traumatic crash is currently under an official investigation.

Crash Information

CHP reports state that the accident happened at around 10:00 a.m. on Highway 101 near Humboldt State University. Police said that a white Mazda sedan was driving south on the highway when, for unknown reasons, the driver apparently lost control. The vehicle veered sharply and overturned. As the Mazda rolled, the driver was ejected and came to a rest in southbound lanes.

After the crash took place, a caller alerted CHP, and dispatchers sent out an emergency response team to the collision site. When they arrived, response officials discovered the injured driver and called for an ambulance. The driver was reportedly transported to the Mad River Hospital for immediate medical attention. Whether or not any other individuals were injured during the incident has not been reported.


As CHP officers conduct a full investigation into what could have possibly caused this crash, no likely factors have been mentioned in reports. Collisions that only involve one car may seem simple but are often complicated and may be caused by multiple factors. Furthermore, some of the most common car accident factors are outside of driver control. These types of factors include things such as driving vehicles with malfunctioning parts or using roads with serious pavement defects.

Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents tend to cause much more serious injuries than most other kinds of collisions. While this is due to a few different factors, one critical reason that rollovers are dangerous is that vehicle roofs are often unable to withstand serious impacts. If a roof isn’t designed properly or is made out of weak materials, it may crumple as the vehicle overturns, intruding into the cabin and leaving occupants seriously hurt.

If an accident is determined to have involved a weak vehicle roof, the maker of the vehicle may be considered a negligent party to the crash. This often means that the auto company can be held responsible for damages, much like a reckless driver would be in a case of DUI. However, in order to obtain this compensation, injured parties need to be able to prove that the vehicle roof did not provide adequate protection. For this reason, you should make sure to hold on to the wrecked vehicle so that your lawyer can inspect it.

Finding a Great Lawyer

Accident cases are important and often have a huge impact on peoples’ ability to recover from collision injuries. For this reason, having a lawyer you know you can trust is essential. If you’d like to learn a bit more about the best way to find a great attorney, please watch this video:


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