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Major Injuries Reported on Vietnam Veterans Bridge Collision in Woodland

Major Injuries Reported on Vietnam Veterans Bridge Collision in Woodland

Major Injuries Reported on Vietnam Veterans Bridge Collision in Woodland

I’m Ed Smith, a Woodland car accident lawyer. A serious collision in Woodland resulted in injuries and the closure of Interstate 5 southbound on June 16 due to a car fire and extensive damage to the bridge. Major injuries were reported in the two-vehicle collision. All of the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 were blocked by the accident and traffic diverted onto County Road 22 as a result. A SigAlert was put in place according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and was expected to continue until at least 9:30 in the morning while Hazmat crews cleared spilled diesel fuel. Crews fought the flames from the accident and workers began to repair the damage to the bridge.

Accident Details

The collision occurred on Vietnam Veterans Bridge just after 3:00 in the morning when a Corvette collided with a forklift type vehicle that was hauling hay. The Corvette quickly became engulfed in flames. As a result of the collision, the forklift punctured the guardrail on the bridge, knocking out about 40 feet and spilling diesel fuel. Around 70 gallons of fuel were reported by the CHP to have poured over the side of the bridge onto the ground below, necessitating a Hazmat crew to attend to the cleanup. It was also reported that the driver of the Corvette may have been drinking and driving recklessly just before the accident. Traffic was backed up, making it difficult for emergency responders to reach the scene of the accident.

Hazardous Spills

Hazmat teams are dispatched to an accident site when hazardous materials are involved. Some hazardous materials include chemicals and oil-derived substances. These materials are able to damage the environment or harm individuals. NOAA provides support to the Department of Transportation, which cleans up and disposes of materials at an accident site.

Flammable Liquid Fires

Flammable liquids are the leading cause of fires in an accident and result in 36 percent of highway fatal fires and 37 percent of deaths. In 2009 alone, there were 220,000 motor vehicle fires, resulting in 280 deaths and approximately 1,600 injuries.

What Causes Vehicle Fires?

Vehicle fires are primarily caused by both driver error and automotive defects. Some examples are:

  • Collisions: When vehicles collide, the force of impact can cause the fuel tanks to rupture, leading to a fuel-related fire. Since the strength of the impact is related to the chance of rupture, many happen on highways where speed limits are higher.
  • Auto defects: When an auto part such as an electrical malfunction, a faulty seat heater or unsafe wiring catches fire, a deadly incident can be precipitated.
  • Smoking: Smoking while driving is responsible for many car fires. All it takes is a hot ash and flammable interior materials to cause a vehicle fire.
  • Fuel tank mishaps: The fuel tanks in cars and trucks can leak or explode under the proper conditions. When this happens, the fuel can cause a deadly situation for any occupants of the vehicle.

Burns in a Traffic Collision

Burn injuries in car accidents are generally severe with motor vehicle occupants suffering injury over 90 percent of their bodies. Burns in such cases are usually defined as third-degree, which extensively damages all skin layers and fat deposits. Fourth-degree burns, where tendon and bones, as well as skin and fat layers, are involved, also happen. Usually, these are fatal. Infection is a threat in all types of burns, and hospitalization in a burn unit is usually required. This is followed by long periods of rehabilitation and surgeries.

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