Injuries Reported After Highway 12 Rollover Accident in Lodi

Major Injuries Reported After Lodi Rollover Accident

Officials reported major injuries after a recent rollover accident on Highway 12 near Lodi, CA. The car accident occurred on State Route 12 near Guard Road shortly before 3:10 p.m. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), a Jeep SUV was involved in a traffic accident with a Nissan Titan. The impact of the collision reportedly caused the Jeep to overturn onto its roof. At least two flatbed tow trucks were requested at the scene of the accident to remove the Jeep and the Nissan. Major injuries were reported by authorities. Details regarding the sequence of events leading up to the collision and the number of parties injured were not immediately available.

Recovery for Injuries and Damages After a Rollover Accident in Lodi

Getting into a rollover accident can affect your life in several ways. The property damage and severity of your injuries are some of the many factors that may affect your ability to move forward. Cars that have been damaged in a crash can be replaced or repaired. However, when you have been hurt after a traffic collision, returning to the quality of life you had before the incident may not be as easy. People injured after car accidents in California may be eligible to be financially compensated by the party responsible for the crash. Compensation for car-accident related losses include:

  • Costs of medical treatment, including long-term medical bills
  • Diminished earning potential because of permanent injury or disability
  • Loss of consortium for damage to the marital relationship as a result of the car accident trauma
  • Lost wages due to an employee missing work to recover from an accident-related injury
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress
  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Pain and suffering

Specific factors may affect a personal injury claim for an auto accident and its value. To learn what these are, watch the video below.

Liability for a Rollover Accident

Several parties may be deemed financially liable for a rollover accident. The first being the driver found at-fault for the crash. Others may include government entities for roadways in poor conditions and automakers for vehicle defects. The ways a vehicle manufacturer may be found negligent in a rollover is if the roofs of their cars fail to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 216. This regulates roof crush resistance in a rollover. Automakers are expected to manufacturer vehicles with roofs that can withstand at least 1.5 times the unloaded weight of the car. When the standard is not met, the car manufacturer may be held financially accountable for injuries exacerbated by a rollover accident or wrongful deaths that occurred as a result. Keep in mind that a vehicle must be kept and preserved for an experienced Lodi personal injury lawyer to examine to determine whether there is a viable auto products liability claim for insufficient roof crush resistance.

Should You Get a Lawyer for a Rollover Accident?

When you are injured after a rollover accident, your ability to work may be compromised, which means loss of earnings is not far behind. Add property damage and mounting medical expenses to your already vulnerable situation, and you may end up needing help to recover emotionally, physically, and financially. That is where the Lodi personal injury lawyers at can help. For over three decades, our Lodi personal injury law firm has been helping people injured in car accidents recover the fair compensation to which they are entitled. We offer free case evaluations for anyone who is seeking legal advice and representation.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Lodi

I’m Ed Smith, a Lodi personal injury lawyer. Recovering from injuries after a rollover accident can take months, years, or even a lifetime. In other situations, only a maximum medical recovery may be reached due to the severity of the trauma. Obtaining the full amount of compensation allowed by California law in your situation may help you recover financially from the crash. Financial compensation may also help compensate you for the emotional trauma and mental anguish you may have suffered as a result of your injuries. It can also achieve a sense of security and justice, knowing that the at-fault party has been held financially responsible for their negligence in the collision. If you or a loved one has been injured after a motor vehicle collision in the Lodi area, please call me at (209) 227-1931 or toll-free at (800) 404-5400 to receive my free, friendly advice on how to get your life back on track after a catastrophic car accident.

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