Major Collision on Interstate 80

Major Collision on Interstate 80 

A major collision along Interstate 80 in Sacramento involving multiple vehicles happened on June 12. It was reported to have occurred at about 3:15 in the afternoon along eastbound I-80 just west of the Greenback Lane off-ramp. Between four and five vehicles were involved, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). They included a red Ford Focus and a Ford truck hauling a trailer with a Bobcat on it. The crash caused major injuries to an occupant of the Focus, who was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment. The CHP is investigating the incident to determine how it happened. While the accident blocked lanes three and four of I-80, it was cleared quickly, allowing traffic to pass.

Chain Reaction Crashes

Major collisions often result from a chain reaction that started with a two-vehicle accident. For example, one vehicle is tailgating another and hits the rear of the lead vehicle. On a crowded highway, where there is little room between vehicles, this can result in the lead car being pushed into the one ahead of it. Sometimes, the lead vehicle can be pushed into an adjacent lane where another car or truck strikes it. Before long, three or more vehicles are involved in a serious collision.

Problems Associated with a Major Collision

One of the issues with a multiple vehicle collision is that they turn into real-life bumper cars. The vehicles are often struck multiple times by different cars or trucks. When this happens, many of the safety devices we take for granted are removed from the equation. For instance, airbags. This safety device is built to respond to a crash by deploying and protecting the vehicle occupants. Once deployed, it crumples and adds no further protection. However, multiple vehicle collisions can involve repeated strikes. After the first one, the driver and his or her occupants have no protection from the airbags.

Common Types of Multiple Vehicle Accidents

There are several common types of multiple vehicle accidents. They are:

  • Rear end crashes
  • Chain reaction crashes
  • Adjacent lane crashes
  • Crashes resulting from a vehicle trying to avoid other cars that collided

Factors That Increase the Risk of a Multiple Vehicle Crash

While a multiple vehicle crash can happen anywhere, certain factors increase a driver’s risk of being involved in one. Let’s look at a few:

  • Speeding: Driving at a high speed can increase the risk since it lessens the driver’s control over his or her vehicle. This means that it is harder to stop to avoid an accident or recognize it in time.
  • Inclement weather: Poor road conditions due to inclement weather can raise the risk of a multiple vehicle accident. Slippery roads, particularly when it rains after a dry spell, can cause hydroplaning. This reduces the driver’s control and ability to avoid an accident.
  • Little room to maneuver: This is why multiple vehicle accidents happen so often on the highway. Once the initial accident occurs, there is not enough room for a driver to avoid hitting another vehicle. If the driver hits the brakes or swerves away, the likelihood of additional collisions is high.
  • Tailgating: When the highway is crowded, as they often are in California, the cars are in close proximity to one another. This leaves the driver no space to avoid hitting a vehicle in front of them.
  • Speeding in construction zones: The very nature of a construction zone makes it more likely that a multiple vehicle collision will occur. Driving slowly in a construction zone and obeying directions are ways to avoid an accident.
  • Distraction: Beyond the usual distractions of texting and talking on a cell phone, accidents on the road can become a distraction in themselves. This is often called rubbernecking. It occurs when a driver is more interested in an accident than focusing on the road ahead.

Help After a Multiple Collision Accident

It is important to obtain the help of an injury lawyer if you have been in a major collision. The attorney will be able to sort the accident out to determine who was at fault. This may require the help of reconstruction experts who use techniques to achieve this. Doing it alone can mean that the injured party may not obtain the compensation they deserve.

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