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Major Collision Involving Semi and Box Truck in Sacramento

Accident on I-80 Snarls Traffic for More Than an Hour

A major collision occurred in Sacramento on April 30 that involved four vehicles, including a double-trailer semi and a box truck. The collision was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) at around 8:21 in the morning along westbound I-80 at the southbound Raley Boulevard on-ramp. One of the trailers being pulled by the semi overturned, blocking the slow lane. 

Fire Department Extricates One Person From Their Vehicle

Another vehicle, a Lexus, was left blocking the on-ramp. An additional driver in an Isuzu was found 200 yards west of the ramp and was trapped in their vehicle. Sacramento Fire Department firefighters were called to the scene to extricate that person from their vehicle. 

SigAlert Issued Following Major Collision on I-80

A SigAlert was issued around half an hour after the major collision occurred, warning motorists that the westbound lanes of Highway 80 were blocked at Raley Boulevard and to seek alternate routes. All the lanes were reopened at 9:42 a.m. One injury was reported in the multiple-vehicle crash. No information was given on whether that individual was treated at the scene or taken to a hospital for additional evaluation.

The Dangers of Highway Accidents

When a major collision occurs, it not only impedes traffic but endangers other vehicles that are nearby. Some of the causes of a major collision include:

  • Speeding can prevent the driver from slowing down in time to avoid an accident.
  • Poor maintenance is especially dangerous in big rigs and passenger vehicles and can result from brake failure or a tire blowout. Either of these might result in a rollover collision.
  • Distracted driving can contribute to a major collision when the driver is texting, changing a radio station, or other activity that takes their eyes from the road.
  • Fatigued driving causes a surprising number of accidents. A driver who is fatigued has difficulty concentrating on the road ahead and can drift off to sleep without realizing it. When they see they have drifted into another lane, they may jerk the wheel and overcorrect, which can lead to a major collision.
  • Drunk driving continues to be a problem that contributes to many traffic accidents each year. A drunk driver has poor reflexes and judgment and often weaves on the road without realizing it.

Collecting Compensation Following an Injury Accident

People who are injured in a major collision often don’t know where to turn when they are faced with high medical bills and lost wages amid their pain and suffering. In a multiple-vehicle crash, more than one driver or other entity may be responsible. Our legal team has successfully handled many claims involving multiple vehicles, and our investigators can find out who was responsible. Among their areas of investigation are:

  • The investigators perform accident reconstruction, which is evidence widely used by insurance companies and in civil court.
  • The CHP Traffic report is checked carefully byou our team for errors because any mistakes could adversely affect the claim for compensation.
  • Business, roadway, and traffic surveillance cameras are examined to see if the accident was captured on tape.
  • The witnesses to the collision are interviewed. In some cases, one of the witnesses captured the accident on their cell phone.

Once the evidence is compiled, our injury attorneys go to work to build a case to support our client’s compensation claim

To learn how to request a CHP Traffic report click here.

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