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Major Casualty Accident Occurs Near Isleton

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January 24, 2024
Edward Smith

State Route 12 Mass Casualty Accident Results in Five Injuries

A major casualty accident was reported near Isleton, east of Rio Vista, on January 19 that involved two vehicles. The collision happened along eastbound State Route 12 just east of Jackson Slough Road around 12:44 p.m. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that one of the vehicles, a Jeep, was found overturned onto its roof. 

Two People Reported in Critical Condition in Major Casualty Accident

Emergency first responders from the fire department were dispatched to the scene to evaluate injuries. In addition to the ground ambulances, two air ambulances were also called in to assist. It was reported that two patients sustained critical injuries. As a precaution, a complete closure was implemented along S.R. 12 while the patients were carefully transported to nearby hospitals, and the scene was subsequently cleared. The CHP’s traffic collision unit is investigating the crash to determine its cause and assign fault.

Car Accident Compensation From a Negligent Driver 

Your injury may be compensable if you were injured by another driver’s negligence in a highway collision. The amount an injured party can recover depends on the severity of the injuries and other factors. Some of them include:

  • Recoverable medical costs include any that arose as a result of the accident. In a major casualty accident, they can be extensive and require hospitalization and rehabilitative care. When settlement occurs and the injury has not been resolved, future medical costs are calculated and included.
  • Lost wages because the injured party could not work are recoverable. Wage loss includes insurance and pension benefits, regular bonuses, tips, and other monies. 
  • Pain and suffering compensation includes both physical and emotional trauma. Many people suffer anxiety, nightmares, reliving the accident, and depression following a collision.

An Injury Lawyer’s Approach to Finding a Hit-and-Run Driver

A major casualty accident requires the assistance of an injury attorney. Hiring a lawyer can gather evidence to support your injury claim and pursue legal action against the at-fault party. Witnesses and dash cam footage can be collected at the crash scene to collect evidence. 

As part of the process, an injury lawyer can also work with law enforcement, investigate surveillance footage, and perform accident reconstruction to determine who was at fault for the accident. The attorney uses this information to build a strong case for the injured party to recover compensation. 

A Lawyer Can Help if A Negligent Driver Has Injured You

Speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney for more information about what compensation you may be entitled to following a major casualty accident is essential. Getting the maximum compensation for your injuries and losses may be possible with the help of an injury attorney who can offer you a free review of your case. Having someone handle their case allows injured persons to focus on healing from their trauma. You owe nothing until your case is won. 

You can find advice on choosing an attorney in the following video from accident lawyer Ed Smith:

Car Collision Lawyer in Rio Vista

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