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Major Accident With Overturned Cement Truck Sacramento Fatality

Cement Truck Involved in Collision on U.S. 50 Results in Fatality

A major accident that caused a fatality occurred in Sacramento on April 17. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) incident report, a cement truck attempted to make a turn, and the vehicle turned over, partially ejecting the driver. The driver was identified as a Sacramento man, age 54. The accident occurred around 6:31 in the morning along U.S. 50 just east of the northbound Watt Avenue on-ramp. 

Major Accident Being Investigated to Determine Cause

Traffic was backed up for one mile to Watt Avenue, and a SigAlert was issued, warning motorists that only one lane was open and to seek alternative routes. During the cement truck accident, around 1.5 cubic yards of material was spilled into the roadway. Vehicles were reportedly passing on the right-hand side to avoid the accident. An investigation was conducted into the cause of the collision. The identity of the driver will not be released until the family has been notified by the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office.

Causes of a Semi Rollover

A semi or cement truck rollover is more dangerous than one that involves a passenger vehicle because it can impact others on the roadway and quickly turn into a major accident. Many of the causes of a major accident involving a large truck are the same as they are with passenger vehicles. Others relate specifically to commercial vehicles. These causes include:

  • Driver error: According to American Truck Business Services, the majority of accidents involving a big truck are caused by driver error. They include speeding, distracted driving and fatigue. Any action by a trucker that can lead to riding up over a curb, into soft dirt on the shoulder or turning incorrectly at an intersection can lead to a major accident rollover.
  • Load size: In most rollover accidents involving a big truck pulling a tanker, a partial load is being hauled. As the vehicle moves, the liquid inside the tanker can start sloshing back and forth. This action alters the tanker’s center of gravity. If this sloshing becomes too extreme, it can result in an accident.
  • Vehicle condition: Many times, a major accident involving a big truck rollover is due to poor maintenance of the vehicle. A defect in the brakes is especially targeted as a cause of a collision with a big rig.

Investigation of a Truck Accident

Investigating a truck accident is different from one involving only passenger vehicles. Commercial vehicles are operated under strict state and federal regulations. Some of the areas of investigation my team performs include:

  • A check of the ELD or logbook to see if it violated state or federal regulations is performed by the investigators.
  • Performing accident reconstruction to map the positioning of the vehicles and show fault is an important part of evidence collection.
  • The report by the police is reviewed for errors, and witnesses are interviewed, including checking if any of them captured the accident on their cell phones.
  • Traffic, road and business surveillance cameras are examined to see if any of them captured the accident.
  • Company and employee records are checked to see if they have a record of past violations.
  • The truck itself is examined, along with maintenance records, in the event mechanical problems were ignored.

Once the data is compiled, our injury lawyers take over to use all this information in building a strong case to support our client’s claim for compensation or for a family who lost a loved one to a wrongful death.

Sacramento Trucking Accident Lawyer

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