A Look at Leg Injuries in Motor Vehicle Accidents


In nonfatal automobile accidents lower extremity injuries are common.

Bumper stiffness, bumper profile height and spoiler stiffness have an impact on the lateral bending of the knee, the knee shear displacement and peak tibial acceleration.

Increasing bumper stiffness can result in higher knee bending, knee shear displacement and peak tibial acceleration.

An increased bumper profile height produces lower knee bending and shear displacement.

In recent years, there has been an increase in SUV vehicles that have a high bumper. Bumper height between an SUV and a passenger vehicle is very different so the type of lower extremity injury may

be different.

A tibia and knee ligament injury can become an injury to the femur if bumper height is increased.

At an impact speed of about 20-30 km/h, the major injury was to the knee ligament. If the impact velocity is around 40 km/h, the main injury is a fracture to the lower legs.


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