Lincoln Truck Crash

Lincoln Truck Crash. Being involved in a Lincoln truck crash can leave the occupants of a motor vehicle with severe injuries or cost the life of a loved one. A large part of the dangers of sharing the road with big trucks is because of the vulnerability of those in smaller vehicles compared to the size of a big rig. Most motor vehicles weigh somewhere between 3,000 pounds on average, while a big rig can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Because there are many big trucks on the road, it is important for the driver of a motor vehicle to understand why most truck accidents with motor vehicles happen.

Reasons Why a Lincoln Truck Crash Can Occur

The momentum, force, weight, and size of a big rig spell injuries for other drivers in a truck crash. Because of their large size, a big rig is much less maneuverable and needs more room not only on the road but to make turns. When a driver is negligent, it can cause serious injuries to other motorists when a Lincoln truck crash occurs. Some of the ways a truck accident can happen include:

  • Blind spots: Blind spots disrupt a truck driver’s field of vision. While this occurs on motor vehicles, on big trucks there are blind spots on all sides. A Lincoln truck crash could occur if the trucker is unaware of a vehicle that is riding too close and changes lanes, slows or speeds up.
  • Jackknife accidents: Jackknifing happens when a driver brakes too quickly, has a mechanical failure or uses the wrong brakes. It can also occur in bad weather conditions, particularly if the truck driver is speeding. A jackknife causes the trailer to move at a faster speed than the tractor pulling it, causing it to slide around in the shape of a jackknife.
  • Turns: Making a wide turn can cause a collision with smaller vehicles because a big rig requires more room and often has to go into an additional lane to do so. If a truck driver is negligent about looking for other vehicles in that other lane, it can cause a truck crash.
  • Lack of maintenance: Tires, brakes and other parts on a truck can fail, which can cause an accident. Because trucks must be inspected every time they go out on the road, failure to inspect and perform needed maintenance can cause an accident. In determining fault, an experienced truck accident lawyer can help.
  • Loads: Improper loading can cause it to shift, resulting in a rollover or jackknife accident. On flatbed trucks, improperly loaded cargo can come loose, falling onto the roadway, causing a collision or traffic hazard.
  • Underrides: An underride accident is one of the most deadly because it usually sheers off the top of the smaller vehicle that passes underneath. Most underride accidents are caused by drivers of smaller vehicles; however, they can occur if a trucker stops suddenly, has a mechanical failure or experiences a blown tire.
  • Driver: The driver of a big rig may also contribute to an accident. This can be caused by inexperience, drowsy driving, being inebriated, distractions and for many other reasons.

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