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The Risks of Laying Down a Motorcycle

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September 22, 2019
Edward Smith

Laying Down a Motorcycle is Risky

One of the common ways that riders do to avoid a serious motorcycle accident is laying down their bike. Many people have heard the familiar story that precedes this type of accident. An experienced rider takes his motorcycle out for a spin. Then, a car pulls out in front of the rider without warning. To avoid getting hurt, the rider lays down the bike to prevent from hitting the other vehicle. By doing this, a rider might have avoided potentially catastrophic injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury.

While this action might have prevented a deadly injury, numerous risks come with laying down a motorcycle. Laying down a bike can lead to serious consequences. When possible, people should avoid laying down when riding a bike.

The Idea Behind Laying Down a Motorcycle

To completely understand the risks behind this action, it is essential to first ask why this is done. For years, the idea behind laying down a motorcycle has been spread as a way to prevent serious traumatic injuries from developing. Many people have taken this route and have escaped injuries or even death. Therefore, they might also accept this as truth.

However, these individuals have merely beaten the odds. Those who are experienced motorcycle riders likely understand that they have a better chance of surviving a serious motorcycle accident when they maintain control of their bike. This is the crux of the issue when someone decides to lay down a bike.

Surrendering Control by Intentionally Falling

Some people may lay down their bike as a way to intentionally come to a rapid stop. Unfortunately, when they do this, they also surrender all control that they have over their vehicle. By falling to the ground, the individual no longer has any control over the direction that the motorcycle travels. They are leaving the course of their travel up to chance. This means that they can hit a rock, a car, or even go off the road entirely.

When the bike is on its side, it rests on a little bit of metal and plastic. This means that there is absolutely no traction between the bike and the road. As riders slide across the road, they run the risk of developing serious road rash, suffering bone fractures, and striking their head on an object. For someone to maximize their chances of coming to a safe stop, they need to maximize traction between themselves and the road. This is why the tires on the motorcycle are so important.

Rely on the Motorcycle’s Braking and Swerving Abilities

Instead of trying to lay down the bike, the better option is typically to trust the braking and swerving techniques. First and foremost, people need to use their brakes. Rely on both of them. This will allow the motorcycle to stop as quickly as possible, potentially avoiding an accident.

Then, try to shift the weight farther to the back of the seat. This will even out the weight across the motorcycle. By evening out the weight, people will have better control of their bike.

Finally, try to grip the fuel tank of the bike with the knees or thighs. This will help someone remain on the bike and stay in the proper position. By staying on the bike, individuals will maintain control.

By taking these actions, the rider will be able to maximize their chances of staying out of an accident. Riders who lay down their bike can expose themselves to serious injuries. Instead of leaving their fate up to chance, stay on the bike, and rely on braking, swerving, and motorcycle technique. This is better for the safety of everyone involved.

Watch YouTube Video: “I Had to Lay it Down.” False. This video explains why practicing proper braking is a better way to avoid injuries than laying down the bike.

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