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Lakeport Pedestrian Injury Occurs in Two-Vehicle Crash

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January 10, 2024
Edward Smith

Two-Vehicle Crash at SR 29 Intersection Causes Lakeport Pedestrian Injury

A Lakeport pedestrian injury occurred on January 7 in an accident involving two vehicles. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident happened shortly before 2:00 p.m. at the intersection of State Route 29 and Highland Springs Road. The accident involved a Ford pickup and a Chevy Malibu, and the pedestrian was injured in the crash. 

Investigation Underway Into Cause of Lakeport Pedestrian Injury Accident

Both vehicles sustained significant front-end damage. The report stated that the Malibu struck the other vehicle and crashed into a pole, strewing debris in the roadway. One minor was flown out for medical care after being struck by the pickup. Others were taken to a nearby hospital with undetermined injuries. The CHP traffic crash unit is investigating the cause of the accident.

Accident Investigation for Pedestrian Injuries

A personal injury attorney investigates accidents to ascertain responsibility when a negligent driver or another entity harms a pedestrian. The determination of liability can be achieved through various methods, which include:

  • Gathering photographic and physical evidence at the scene of the pedestrian injury incident in Lakeport.
  • The lawyer will search for nearby surveillance cameras to examine whether the collision was captured on video. If such footage exists, it can be subpoenaed by the attorney as evidence.
  • Conducting an accident reconstruction involves positioning the vehicle relative to the pedestrian both before and during the collision.
  • Scrutinizing the police report for evidence and accuracy. Any errors discovered could impact the injured party’s ability to file a claim. If an error is identified, an addendum can be appended to the police report to rectify the mistake.

The Process of Recovering Compensation After a Serious Pedestrian Accident

A pedestrian may be compensated for all their medical expenses in a Lakeport pedestrian injury accident if the motorist is found to be at fault for the crash. Furthermore, the injured party can obtain the lost wages from when they could not work. Additionally, future wages and medical bills are recoverable if the injury continues beyond the settlement period. The injured person may also be compensated for their physical and emotional suffering. 

Filing a Claim Within the Statute of Limitations

California’s statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is two years. The court will refuse to hear the case if the claim is filed after that period. In addition, although an injured person can technically wait that long to file, it isn’t a good idea. 

Over those two years, evidence to support your claim can disappear, and witnesses will be challenging to locate. In addition, a witness’s memory fades with time. Contacting an injury lawyer as soon as possible after your accident gives you the best chance of a successful outcome.  

In this video below, attorney Ed Smith discusses the qualities that you should look for in an injury lawyer:

Personal Injury Lawyer in Lakeport

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Photo attribution: Image by Horacio Lozada from Pixabay

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