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Juvenile Killed on Capital City Freeway

Teenager Dies on Interstate 80 

A teenager was killed on January 15 after she ran into traffic on eastbound Capital City Freeway near Watt Avenue in Arden Arcade. According to a California Highway Patrol (CHP) representative, the incident happened at about 9:50 at night when a juvenile resident of a nearby receiving home ran away. The CHP reported that the juvenile, who was distraught, ran onto the freeway from the home’s location on Watt Avenue and Auburn Boulevard. A second resident of the home, a teenage girl, ran after the juvenile in an effort to stop them.

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The second resident of the home was struck by a vehicle in the fast lane of the Capital City Freeway at approximately 9:50 p.m. The second teen, a young girl, was killed and pronounced dead at the accident site. The first was not injured. The driver stayed at the accident scene and was said to be cooperating with the police. There was no indication that drugs or alcohol were involved. An ambulance was called at 10:15 p.m. for one juvenile for psychiatric reasons. 

Several people had gathered near the center median and were said to be possibly from the receiving home, including residents and staff. The home is in close proximity to the ramp onto the Capital City Freeway. The eastbound lanes of the Capital City Freeway were shut to traffic for approximately two hours. The identity of the teenager will be released by the coroner’s office, pending notification of next of kin.  

Loss of a Family Member

Losing a family member unexpectedly, especially when it involves a pedestrian accident, leaves loved ones feeling vulnerable and shocked. Without warning, they are thrown into a world that was previously unfathomable. This is particularly true when the deceased is a teenager. Parents and family members face emotions such as anger, grief, and loneliness. Initially, it is important to help the grieving person in very basic ways. These include making sure they eat and meet their responsibilities. The latter may include taking care of young and old family members. Bringing prepared meals to the home or offering to shop are of immense help as is taking children to school. 

Responsibility for a Juvenile’s Well Being

Facilities that care for young people are responsible for their well-being, especially if they are troubled. In situations where the facility is close to a major highway, this is even more necessary. When the facility fails to maintain control of their charges, it can be seen as a breach in their duty of care. If the young person is killed due to this lack of responsibility, it is possible to take the facility to task through a wrongful death claim. In cases such as this, the family can be compensated for the financial damages they may face, such as funeral expenses and other losses. While filing such a lawsuit does not bring back their loved one, it does hold the defendant responsible for their part in the demise of the family member. 

What an Attorney Can Do to Help

In the case of the wrongful death of a young person, the members of our firm grieve alongside the family members. We turn that sense of loss into action that may help family members by giving them justice for their loved one. As soon as possible after the accident, our investigators look for evidence against the responsible party. We also examine the police report for inaccuracies, obtain video footage of the accident, and speak to witnesses. Once all information is compiled, we release it to our lawyers, who build a strong case against the defendant.

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