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Johnson and Johnson Ordered to Pay $8 Billion in Risperdal Case

Johnson and Johnson Ordered to Pay $8 Billion in Risperdal Case

Recently, it was announced that Johnson and Johnson must pay a man $8 billion in punitive damages due to their prescription medication Risperdal. This same individual also won close to $700,000 following his claims that the pharmaceutical giant failed to warn young men that taking Risperdal might lead to the growth of breasts. A Philadelphia jury came to this conclusion following a long, arduous case that Johnson and Johnson has said it will appeal.

Of note, Johnson & Johnson claims that the award is disproportionate to amounts awarded in similar cases in the past; however, this was also the first case in the state of Pennsylvania where a jury was able to consider awarding punitive damages in cases involving Risperdal. A recently published news article also noted that there are thousands of cases involving Risperdal, which are still pending in the state of Pennsylvania. This case may signal that more cases involving this medication may sweep across the country.

What is Risperdal?

Risperdal is the brand name of the popular medication Risperidone. This medication is in the class of drugs called atypical antipsychotics. The atypical antipsychotics are a newer class of medication than their counterparts, the typical antipsychotics. Atypical antipsychotics, such as Risperdal, are used to treat a number of serious conditions, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The medication can be taken either by mouth or as an injection into a muscle. If injected, the medication lasts for about two weeks.

Atypical antipsychotics have become popular because they are more effective and have fewer side effects than the older typical antipsychotics. Unfortunately, medications such as Risperdal can still lead to dangerous side effects. Among them are tardive dyskinesia (a permanent movement disorder), elevated blood sugar levels, an increased risk of suicide, an increased risk of dementia, and breast growth in men. All of this came to light in a recent case involving Johnson and Johnson.

A Claim Against Johnson and Johnson Involving Breast Growth

The case against this company involved an allegation that the company did not adequately warn young men taking Risperdal that breast growth may occur. Even though the side effect is well-known now, at the time this individual took the medication, the side effect was not common knowledge.

The allegation claimed that the pharmaceutical giant knew about the potential side effect and decided not to warn the public. As a result, the company had to pay close to $700,000 in initial compensation to the individual, followed by the recently awarded $8 billion in punitive damages. The lawyers for the individual claim that the multinational drug company placed its own bottom line ahead of the safety of its patients, including children. The pharmaceutical giant is likely to contest the amount awarded by the Pennsylvania jury.

What is Means for the Future

The results of this case may signal that a precedent has been set for other cases involving this company and Risperdal. Currently, there are thousands of other cases involving the same drug in the state of Pennsylvania alone. Should individuals in other states also experience similar side effects, they might also be able to file a claim against the drug company. It is important for these pharmaceutical companies to place patient safety above all else. While they have produced some impressive treatment options for dangerous diseases, they should also be held liable for faulty products.

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