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August 17, 2015
Edward Smith

The CHP is still investigation the cause of a wrong way accident that occurred yesterday, August 10, 2015.

One person was killed and five were injured when a vehicle travelling southbound on I-5 near Woodbridge Road in Lodi, crossed over the median and into northbound traffic.

The first vehicle stuck another head on and continued across traffic and rolled into an embankment where it caught fire.

The driver of the southbound car was pronounced dead at the scene. There were conflicting reports. An earlier report indicated two people may ave been killed. Other reports indicated that five occupants of the vehicle in the Northbound lane had been transported to a hospital with minor injuries.

It is not known why the driver of the first car veered into the southbound lanes or whether he died before the crash. The cause of the deadly crash remains under investigation.

Automobile accidents like this can lead to shattered lives. Victims of major motor vehicle accidents may have major medical expenses, hospital bills, and lost wages. With the help of an experienced auto accident attorney, the cause or causes of the accident may be determined.

Following an accident, physical evidence needs to be collected and preserved. Law Enforcement officers are highly trained and skilled in collecting evidence and determining the cause of an accident. However, in many cases, it is vital to engage the assistance of an automobile accident attorney who can work with an accident reconstruction expert at the earliest possible moment. While law enforcement officers are highly trained, they may not have the time or equipment to do a more thorough analysis. An auto accident reconstruction specialist may have a more advanced skill and knowledge set to properly determine the cause of the accident.

Immediately following an accident, it is vital to make a physical visit to the scene, to gather and preserve evidence. Traffic collision reports prepared by law enforcement may not address all issues or be incomplete. In some cases, they may even be wrong, or draw the wrong conclusions based on the physical and scientific evidence.
Preserving evidence may also include preventing a towing company or salvage yard from destroying a vehicle after it is totaled.

A skilled auto reconstruction specialist will examine the evidence gathered at the scene. This includes photographs of the vehicles, scene, road conditions, design and construction.
Accident reconstruction experts will pay close attention to and carefully evaluate skid marks, tire marks, gouge marks, crush patterns on vehicles, burn patterns, and paint transfers,
and other clues left at the scene of the accident.

From the evidence, and evaluating witness statements, the expert will be able to draw conclusions as to the cause of the accident that might not be readily understood from initial investigation.

In cases such as this, where a driver crosses into another lane for unknown reasons, it will be vital to determine the medical condition of the driver at the time of the accident.
This will involve in most cases an autopsy and review of the driver’s medical records to determine what if any medical conditions contributed to the cause of the accident.

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