Intersection Accident in Elk Grove Causes Serious Injuries

Intersection Accident in Elk Grove Causes Serious Injuries

Intersection Accident in Elk Grove Causes Serious Injuries

I’m Ed Smith, an Elk Grove personal injury lawyer. An accident on July 15 on Elk Grove Boulevard resulted in injury for two passengers in one of the two vehicles involved. According to a report issued by the Elk Grove Police, the driver of one vehicle was suspected of driving under the influence and was taken into police custody. Roadway closures were announced as the cleanup and investigation were proceeding.

Details of the Accident

The accident happened before 8:00 in the evening where Adams Street intersects Elk Grove Boulevard. One of the vehicles was navigating a right turn from Adams Street onto Elk Grove Boulevard when a second car, traveling eastbound on Elk Grove Boulevard, slammed into it. Of the four people in the turning vehicle, two were injured. According to police, one suffered serious injury while the second passenger had life-threatening injuries. Both were taken to a hospital in the area. There has been no word at the time of this report on their condition or the nature of their injuries.

Impaired Driver

Police arrested an Elk Grove resident, Austin Crownover, 27, for drunk driving. According to law enforcement, he displayed signs of being impaired and performed poorly on roadway sobriety testing. He is being detained without bail.

Road Closure

Police shut down Elk Grove Boulevard between Elk Grove Florin Road and 2nd Avenue, and the public was advised to use an alternate route. Police, at the time, were unable to specify how long the road closures would last.

Intersection Danger

Nationwide, 40 percent of all accidents happen at intersections. Beyond that, 20 percent of fatal accidents also occur at crossroads. One of the reasons for intersection accidents is the variety of vehicular movement. For instance, vehicles have the option of turning both right and left or going straight. Compound this by the fact that many intersections have more than two intersecting roads. Add to this complexity the many options for driver error, and you begin to see why intersections are so dangerous.

Driver Error at Intersections

Intersection accidents involve driver error and aggressive driving. Some examples are:

  • Speeding: Speeding is one of the chief causes of intersection crashes. This is particularly true when a driver speeds through a traffic light that has already turned red.
  • Lane Changes: When a driver makes an improper or even an illegal lane change, an accident can result.
  • Fatigued driving: Drivers who are tired often have slower reaction times. This can be disastrous at an intersection.
  • Failure to yield: Not yielding to a vehicle that has the right of way is a problem at intersections. This can be a form of aggressive driving.
  • Distracted driving: Motorists who are not paying attention to the road often do not see that a light has changed or that a stop sign is present.
  • Tailgating: This is a problem at intersections when the lead driver appears to be moving forward and stops due to traffic conditions. The driver to the rear is unable to stop in time if they are following the lead vehicle too closely.
  • Drunk drivers: A drunk driver is often unable to react appropriately or adequately judge distance or the speed of other vehicles at intersections.

Proof in an Intersection Accident

In order to file a claim against a negligent driver, it is necessary to amass evidence. Your injury lawyer is able to do this using a variety of means such as the CCTV video cameras located at many traffic lights today. The footage is able to show which vehicle caused the accident. If there isn’t a traffic camera available, stores along the route may have the necessary footage. Witnesses are another way of proving what happened.

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