Two-Vehicle Injury Crash Occurs Southeast of Placerville

Injury Reported in County Road E16 Two-Vehicle Crash

A two-vehicle injury crash was reported in an August 10 accident that occurred near Mt. Aukum southeast of Placerville. The accident occurred near the intersection of County Road E16 and Higgins. A Volkswagen Jetta and a sedan collided, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), leaving a debris field in the roadway. 

Injured Party Transported to Hospital Following Two-Vehicle Crash

It was reported that one injured party was transported to a hospital prior to the arrival of the officers. A tow truck was required to remove a vehicle that was left at the scene, well off the roadway, which exhibited major front-end damage. Investigators with the CHP traffic unit are determining fault in the crash and how it occurred.

Accidents Involving Two Vehicles Are Among the Most Common

It is usually due to negligence by a motorist that a two-vehicle crash occurs, although other factors can also contribute, such as vehicle malfunctions or road conditions. Collisions are caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Speed: Speeding is a major cause of traffic accidents. Accidents are more likely to occur when drivers are unable to control their vehicles due to speed and require a longer stopping distance.
  • Fatigue: Due to swing shifts and multiple jobs, fatigued driving has become more common. Drivers who are fatigued or intoxicated react similarly.
  • Distractions: During an emergency, drivers cannot react accurately if they are distracted by texting, changing the radio station or conversing with passengers.
  • Intoxication: Despite massive efforts to curb drunk driving, intoxicated driving still poses a threat to others on the road. Furthermore, drunk drivers weave between lanes and are more likely to run into things because they cannot maintain a steady speed.

A Two-Vehicle Crash Investigation

An accident attorney is responsible for representing the interests of their clients in pursuing compensation from the at-fault party. It is the lawyer’s responsibility to investigate a client’s injury claim and collect evidence to support it. The following methods may be used to gather evidence, among other techniques:

  • Upon reviewing the police report, errors are identified if found and witnesses are questioned.
  • A reconstruction of the accident is conducted by investigators. By observing how the collision occurred and where the cars collided, it is often possible to determine who is at fault.
  • An investigator determines whether or not a collision was captured on video when there are cameras at the scene or in the area. Video evidence could be subpoenaed to support the compensation claim.

We build a strong case on the basis of the evidence our client provides in order to help them receive compensation. This has been done successfully many times before by our team. When a driver’s negligence results in injury, that’s bad enough. It should not be the injured party’s responsibility to cover financial losses.

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