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October 31, 2023
Edward Smith

Cement Truck Rollover on I-5 Florin Road Off-Ramp

A cement truck rollover in the Greenhaven area of South Sacramento occurred on October 26 that sent one injured person to the hospital. The collision occurred around 1:00 p.m. on the westbound Florin Road off-ramp from southbound I-5. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that a heavy-duty cement truck that was fully loaded experienced a rollover onto its side. 

Hazmat Called in for Cement Truck Rollover

The exit ramp was shut down, and a Sacramento Fire Department unit called to the scene. The fire department declared a Hazmat level 2 emergency. The cement truck was carrying 100 gallons of diesel fuel in the tank. Under these conditions, a hazmat team is needed to deal with potentially dangerous spills.

One Person Hospitalized After Cement Truck Rollover

One individual suffered moderate injuries in the rollover and was transported to a hospital. Traffic was impacted on the interstate, and the time for reopening the exit ramp was not announced. An investigation is being undertaken by the CHP traffic crash unit to find out how the accident occurred.

Accidents Involving a Cement Truck Rollover

Cement trucks are ponderous and heavy, and a rollover collision can cause devastating injuries and fatalities to those in nearby vehicles. While diesel fuel is combustible, it isn’t as dangerous as gasoline but can cause spills hazardous to the environment. They are subject to rollover collisions because they have such a high center of gravity. 

Liability in an Accident Caused by a Cement Truck

If you find yourself injured in an accident caused by a cement truck, the driver may be held liable by the company that employs them. This is under the doctrine of respondeat superior, which makes the company owner take responsibility for the negligence of their employees. However, negotiating a settlement with a company, usually with lawyers on retainer, can be difficult without legal assistance. With the help of an injury lawyer who handles accidents involving cement trucks, you may recover:

  • The medical costs associated with your accident can be recovered, from your ambulance ride to the hospital to hospitalization, physicians’ bills, and physical therapy sessions. If your injury hasn’t been resolved by the time you reach a settlement, your lawyer can calculate the cost and add it in.
  • Unpaid wages you lost because of your injury can be recouped, including the insurance and pension benefits and the value of other perks you received at the job.
  • Pain and suffering compensation includes damage for both the physical and emotional trauma you went through. Many people develop post-traumatic stress disorder, and the treatment for this condition is recoverable. 

According to personal injury lawyer Ed Smith, you should look for the following qualities when hiring a lawyer:

Sacramento Trucking Accident Attorney

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Photo attribution: Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

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