Injury Occurs in Single-Vehicle Roseville Traffic Accident

Vernon Street Intersection Causes Power Outage to Thousands

A traffic accident in Roseville ended up shutting down power to over 4,800 customers on August 19. The collision occurred at the intersection of Vernon and 6th streets, which knocked down at least one electric pole and left power lines hanging down, creating a hazard to other motorists. The Roseville Police Department reported that public utility workers and first responders were at the scene restoring the electric service and clearing the roadway. 

Injured Driver Transported to Hospital With Injuries Following Traffic Accident

Some businesses in the area that were impacted shut down for the day because of the power outage. There was only one occupant in the vehicle that crashed in the traffic accident. That individual was extricated by firefighters and taken to a hospital nearby with what were described as non-life threatening injuries. 

Reasons for a Single-Vehicle Traffic Accident

Speeding and distracted driving, among other reasons, cause most accidents involving one vehicle. Nevertheless, there may be other factors involved in a single-vehicle traffic collision, such as:

  • Road maintenance: Insufficient road maintenance can easily lead to a single-vehicle accident when pavement shifts, potholes appear, signs are missing, traffic signals malfunction or other problems occur. Your accident injuries may have been caused by this. Your lawyer can determine whether poor maintenance was the cause. The filer has only six months to place a claim against the government entity responsible for maintenance. The claim will not be heard if it is filed after that date. A lawyer can handle the paperwork, negotiate your claim and ensure that it is filed before the statute of limitations runs out. 
  • Vehicle part defect: If a vehicle’s tires blow out, its brakes fail or for some other reason, it is likely the driver will lose control and end up in a traffic accident. Keeping a vehicle after an injury accident will enable it to be examined for defects later. Auto product liability lawsuits may be filed against manufacturers when a defect causes a crash. 
  • Road rage or aggressive drivers: Drivers who tailgate, make threatening gestures or force another vehicle off the road have become more common. These drivers sometimes cause single-vehicle crashes as a result of their actions. To prove that this is what happened, an injury lawyer can examine surveillance cameras in the area and gather other evidence. It may be possible to hold the aggressive driver legally responsible if they can be identified.
  • Livestock in the road: Motorists have crashed their cars numerous times because they were forced to swerve to avoid cows, horses or other domestic animals that had gotten loose and were on the road. Farm owners may be held responsible for any injuries sustained in an accident if they fail to keep their animals safely behind a fence or enclosure.

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