Injury Occurs in Sacramento Crash

Accident on SR 99 Involves Four Vehicles

A multiple-vehicle crash in Sacramento on April 28 resulted in at least one injury on northbound State Route 99. The report issued by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said the accident involved a Cadillac Escalade, a vehicle hauling a U-Haul, and two others. The collision occurred around 4:45 p.m. along the highway, just north of Sutterville Road. 

Traffic Blocked by Multiple-Vehicle Crash 

One individual in the vehicle hauling the U-Haul reported pain in his head, and paramedics were called to the scene. No additional information was provided about the injury. All but one of the lanes were blocked by the crash with major damage reported to the front of the U-Haul. Investigators are determining the reason for the collision and will assign fault.

Why You Should Retain a Lawyer if You Are Injured in a Multiple-Vehicle Crash

When multiple vehicles are involved in an accident together, it is common for some cars or trucks to be hit more than once. Since negligence is responsible for around 95 percent of all traffic collisions, any of those drivers who struck your car may be held responsible for your injuries. This is why it is important to obtain the help of an injury lawyer to get the compensation that you deserve.

Investigating the Accident

Our investigators go to the scene of the multiple-vehicle crash right away to gather evidence to support your injury claim. Among the following areas of investigation are:

  • The scene of the accident is investigated and photographed, including the vehicles, their locations and damage such as dents, paint smears, and others. This type of evidence can determine which vehicles struck you.
  • The police report on the multiple-vehicle crash is looked over for mistakes. This is an important step since errors in the police report can adversely affect a client’s ability to recover damages.
  • Forensic reconstruction of the accident is performed. By doing so, the investigators can demonstrate the initial positions of the vehicles, how the multiple-vehicle crash occurred and where the cars ended up. Evidence of this type is accepted by insurance companies and during civil court cases.
  • Any witnesses to the accident are interviewed. Some may have filmed the accident as it happened and can say in what order the vehicles collided.

Once the evidence has been compiled, our injury lawyers use it to build a compelling case for our client to recover compensation.

Damages in a Traffic Accident

By placing a claim to recover compensation, the injured party will not have to worry about financially covering their losses themselves. Some of the areas in which compensation can be recovered include:

  • Any medical expenses that arise as a result of the multiple-vehicle crash can be recovered from ambulance and hospitalization to rehabilitative care and everything in between. If the injury has not been resolved and is expected to continue into the future, compensation for further treatment is factored into the settlement.
  • Wages that are lost from the inability to work are recoverable, as are the pension/insurance benefits, bonuses and others. Should the injured person be unable to return to work due to disability or has to take a job that pays less, that is factored into the settlement.
  • Monetary compensation for the injured party’s pain and suffering is recoverable, which also includes emotional or psychological trauma. Many people suffer anxiety, nightmares, and other symptoms, which also affect their personal relationships with their spouses. 

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

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