Injuries Occur in Elk Grove Multiple-Vehicle Crash

Accident on S.R. 99 Near Sheldon Road Involved Multiple Vehicles

A multiple-vehicle crash resulting in minor injuries was reported in Elk Grove on June 30 on State Route 99. The accident involved a Lexus, Honda Accord, Ford Fiesta and another unnamed sedan. The collision happened around 8:14 a.m. along northbound S.R. 99 near the Sheldon Road off-ramp. 

Minor Injuries Reported in Multiple-Vehicle Crash

Both the slow lane and off-ramp were blocked by three vehicles involved in the crash, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) incident report. A tow truck had to be summoned to remove a Ford Fiesta that was involved in the accident. Sacramento Fire Department first responders reported that minor injuries occurred due to the collision. Information on whether those persons were treated at the scene or transported to a hospital for additional care was not provided.

Compensation Following an Accident Involving Multiple Vehicles

Sorting out which drivers were at fault in a multiple-vehicle crash is important, so an injured person can acquire the compensation that they deserve. In most cases, more than one of the drivers involved in the crash was negligent by actions such as the following:

  • A driver was tailgating, which led to a multiple-vehicle crash when the car in front suddenly slowed.
  • A motorist was texting, chatting with a passenger, or checking their GPS at the time the collision occurred, so they were not paying attention to the traffic. 
  • A drunk driver was alternately slowing down and speeding as well as weaving in their lane, which resulted in a multiple-vehicle crash.
  • Another driver made an unsafe lane change and didn’t signal to alert other motorists.
  • A speeding driver saw stalled traffic up ahead but could not slow down in time to avoid crashing into other vehicles.

Collecting Evidence to Support an Injury Claim

Negligence by one or more parties can be discovered by investigating the collision to determine the truth. In addition, evidence is required for an injured party to place a strong claim to recover compensation. Without it, the claim is probably going nowhere. 

Insurance companies will look for any way out of paying what the injured person deserves, so evidence is key in ensuring that this won’t happen. Some of the ways in which evidence is collected following a multiple-vehicle crash include:

  • Photographs of the scene and other evidence are collected by our investigators as soon as possible after the multiple-vehicle crash occurs.
  • Any witnesses to the collision are interviewed because they may supply important information about the accident such as the order of crashes between the vehicles. In some instances, a witness filmed the accident as it occurred, which provides compelling evidence.
  • The investigators examine area business and traffic surveillance cameras to find out if the multiple-vehicle crash was captured as it occurred. Evidence of this type can be subpoenaed to use either when negotiating with the insurance company or in civil court.
  • The police report is double-checked to ensure its accuracy.
  • The investigators perform accident reconstruction because it indicates the positioning of the vehicles before and during the accident, which provides good evidence.

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