Injuries in Lateral Car Accidents

Injuries in Lateral Car Accidents

Injuries in Lateral Car Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Car Accident Lawyer in Sacramento. There are many different types of car accidents. One of the most deadly is a lateral car accident, also called a T-bone accident. A research paper was recently published that examined the traumatic injuries and wrongful deaths sustained in this type of auto accident. The study examined countless documents published between 1996 and 2009. The study found that about 30% of all fatalities in car accidents occurred from lateral car impacts. The research study also reports that the death rate was the highest when the impact happened at either the three o’clock or nine o’clock angle. This means that a collision that is directly perpendicular to the vehicle itself, on either side, has the highest chance of leading to death. Finally, they also found that the rate of serious injuries is around three times higher for the individuals seated on the same side of the impact when compared to those on the opposite side of the impact.

Types of Injuries in Lateral Car Accidents

In addition to the rate of injury, the study also looked at the kinds of injuries in T-bone accidents. They found that head injuries were more common in those who were involved in oblique lateral accidents. Oblique forces are those that are from two, four, eight, and ten o’clock. In contrast, forces delivered directly at three or nine o’clock led to more thoracic or chest trauma. This means damage to the organs in the chest cavity, such as the heart and lungs. Regardless, any of these injuries could be severe because these are all vital organs. It is essential for everyone to receive treatment quickly to ensure the highest possible chance of recovery.

Prevention of Injuries in T-Bone Accidents

Lastly, the paper discusses ways to prevent some of these severe injuries. Recently, people have likely noticed more airbags appearing in motor vehicles. Side airbags have been placed in many doors to try and cushion the impacts delivered in lateral car accidents. Inflatable curtains have also emerged to shield the occupants from glass that might shatter from the window. Unfortunately, lateral car accidents still kill people. More studies are needed to examine the prevention of accidents from occurring in the first place. This will help decrease both the number of injuries and deaths in car accidents overall.

Assistance with Long-Term Medical Problems

If someone has been diagnosed with a severe injury, they could have long-term complications as a result. Some of the difficulties include:

Heart Failure: If the heart is damaged, it will try to protect itself from future injuries. One of its responses is to increase its amount of muscle tissue. Unfortunately, this can also make its chambers smaller. This means less blood is pumped with every beat. Failure to pump enough blood is termed heart failure. It could lead to numerous hospital stays, many medications, and possible surgical procedures that insurance may not pay for.

Neurological Damage: Chronic brain injuries can lead to issues with judgment, motor, and sensory function. This could prevent someone from returning to work, leading to a loss in income. It can also alter someone’s personality, leading to emotional distress.

If you find yourself with chronic medical problems after being involved in a lateral accident, you may have questions about how to pay all your bills. You may also want your accident investigated. For answers to questions and concerns, you should contact an experienced car accident attorney in Sacramento. A lawyer can help you review your options and reach a consensus that is in your best interests.

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