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Inclement Weather Driving Safety Tips

Inclement Weather Driving Safety Tips — Inclement weather can have a significant impact on your normal driving. Among all weather conditions, fog is considered the most dangerous since it reduces visibility on the road. While the safest way to drive in fog is to not drive at all, many of us cannot stay indoors in adverse weather. Here are a few reminders to help keep you and your loved ones safer this season.

Tule Fog

Tule fog is a dense fog that settles within the Central Valley from November to March. This moisture is caused by relatively high humidity after the first heavy rainfall of the winter. Tule fog is considered extremely dangerous for drivers as visibility can be reduced to an eighth of a mile. Since tule fog creates poor roadway visibility, it is considered the primary cause of weather-related crashes in California.

Stay Focused

Drivers are obligated to give their full attention to the road when driving in foggy conditions. To increase your concentration, turn off the radio and eliminate other distractions while driving. You can also maximize your perception by lowering your driver’s side window to hear other vehicles on the road.

Adjust Your Speed

Many motor vehicle accidents occur as a direct result of driving too fast for weather and roadway conditions. When driving in fog, reduce your speed and maintain a safe following distance behind vehicles in front of you. This can allow you ample time to stop if needed. Conversely, the moisture of fog can mean wet roads and loss of vehicle traction. Remember to adjust your speed to limit your risk of skidding or sliding on slick roads.

Turn Your Lights On

Use your low beams or fog lights when driving in dense fog. This can help light your way and increase your visibility to other drivers. Avoid driving with your high beams as the light can be reflected off water droplets of fog and cause glare.

Vehicle Maintenance and Breakdowns

Routine vehicle inspection and maintenance can help keep your vehicle running it’s best. You can do so by regularly inspecting your tires, filters, fluids, and other vehicle components. If you find yourself having mechanical trouble on the road, try to take the next highway exit or pull over to the shoulder. Turn off your lights and turn on your hazard lights to alert other motorists on the road. Never stop on the road as it may result in a rear-end collision if other drivers cannot determine whether your vehicle is in motion or not.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Weather-related accidents can leave those involved with serious injuries. These may include bone fractures, internal trauma, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and more. Such injuries can mean high medical expenses, lost wages, and other resultant losses. An experienced personal injury attorney can help in these types of situations by answering insurer questions and determining losses in an accident to reclaim those damages.

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Inclement Weather Driving Safety Tips:

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