Galt PD Revising Domestic Violence Protocol

Galt Domestic Violence Protocol

Galt Domestic Violence Protocol

Galt PD Revising Domestic Violence Protocol

Galt Domestic Violence Protocol

I’m Ed Smith, a personal injury attorney in Galt. The Galt Police Department is planning to make changes to the way domestic violence matters are handled. For those who are abused by their partners, it could mean better and more efficient help by law enforcement. Local law enforcement plans on working with victim advocate groups.  According to Police Chief Todd Sockman, who prepared the proposal, Galt Police Department is planning on assigning a detective to follow up with domestic violence cases within 24 hours after the initial report. Galt Police Department also plans on forming a closer bond with victim advocate groups that help to provide support to those suffering from domestic violence.These changes could be placed into effect by March 1, 2017.

Sacramento Grand Jury Report on Domestic Violence

Annually, the Grand Jury is tasked with the responsibility of reporting and investigating on the operations within Sacramento County. The proposal was a result of the Sacramento County Grand Jury report which was released to the public on June 30, 2016. The Grand Jury members urged all law enforcement agencies in Sacramento County to demonstrate their commitment to addressing domestic violence by having domestic violence units that are fully functional with a focus on investigations, follow-ups, partnerships with local advocacy groups, response times, tracking and collection of data, and special education training for all detective and patrol officers who handle domestic violence cases. The report drew attention to both Elk Grove Police Department and Citrus Heights Police Department for having model programs in place that use coordinated and comprehensive approaches to domestic violence cases. Even though the Galt Police Department wasn’t the main focus of the Sacramento Grand Jury review, the City of Galt is called to respond to the review by the end of the month with a plan.

Domestic Violence Statistics

  • 40 percent of women in California experience physical intimate violence in their lifetime.
  • On average there are 24 people per minute that become victims of physical violence, stalking by an intimate partner or rape. That’s more than 12 million men and women over the course of a year.
  • On any given day, domestic violence shelters serve approximately 5,800 women and children.
  • 75 percent of domestic violence victims have children 18 years and younger living in their home.
  • Each year approximately 150,000 victims seek help from domestic violence hotlines. In one day, California domestic violence programs answered over 922 calls on crisis hotlines. That equates to about 38 calls per hour.
  • In 2007 there were 174,649 domestic violence calls made to law enforcement. Out of those incidents, 40% of them had a weapon of some type involved.
  • In California a forceable rape happens every 56 minutes.

Watch Youtube Video – Why Domestic Violence Victims Don’t Leave

Leslie Morgan Steiner describes her “crazy love” — how she was madly in love with a man who regularly abused her and threatened to end her life. Steiner describes the dark secrets of her relationship, correcting the misconceptions that many people have about victims suffering from domestic violence. She explains how we can all help by breaking the silence. (This video was filmed at TEDxRainier.)

There Is Help – Domestic Violence Resources

If you or a loved one is being abused, the following resources are available both locally and nationally:

  1. National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
  3.  [Sacramento: 916-428-3271(multilingual)]

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