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May 02, 2023
Edward Smith

15-Passenger Vans and Road Safety

When it comes to road safety, 15-passenger vans require special attention. Built on a truck frame and often used for transporting large groups of people, these passenger vans have long been considered unsafe due to their propensity for rollover accidents. To reduce the risk of harm to passengers and other drivers on the road, 15-passenger van operators must ensure that their vehicle is in good condition and operated safely.

Government Recommendations for Road Safety

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that drivers of 15-passenger vans receive specific training on how to operate the vehicle safely. Drivers should be aware of the handling characteristics of these vehicles when loaded with passengers and cargo, how to counteract any potential rollover issues, and be familiar with emergency evacuation procedures.

Performing Regular Maintenance

In addition to training, van operators must maintain the vehicle safely. This includes routine inspections of the brakes, tires, suspension system, steering components, and other vehicle parts essential for its safe operation.

Practicing Defensive Driving

Finally, drivers should also practice defensive driving techniques such as avoiding distractions while on the road and maintaining a safe following distance between them and other vehicles. By taking these steps to ensure their safety on the road, van operators can help reduce the risk of accidents involving their vehicles. By adhering to these safety practices when operating a large passenger van, those riding inside will remain secure, and other drivers can also remain safe. With a combination of training, maintenance, and defensive driving practices, 15-passenger van operators can make an important contribution to road safety. 

Uses of Large Passenger Vans

15-passenger vans are widely used for taking children to their daycare, seniors and the disabled to events or appointments, athletic teams to sporting events, employees to work by carpooling, and teenagers to programs. To best protect occupants, van drivers should ensure that all passengers wear their seat belts at all times, that the driver is adequately trained and experienced in driving a large passenger vehicle, that tires receive a weekly check according to the pressure levels recommended by the manufacturer, and avoiding additional weight placed on the roof of the van. By following these safety protocols, drivers and passengers of 15-passenger vans can better protect themselves and other road users.

Road Safety in 15-Passenger Van Accidents

Liability can occur in a number of ways if one of these large vans becomes involved in an accident and injuries occur, including:

  • If another driver causes an accident due to their negligence, they may be held responsible.
  • The van driver might be liable if their own negligence led to a crash.
  • If negligent maintenance of a rental van leads to an accident, the company owning it may bear responsibility.
  • Sometimes, a passenger may be liable if they became disruptive and caused the collision.
  • Neglected roadway maintenance may cause a collision. When road maintenance is the issue that caused the collision, a claim may be filed against the responsible government entity. The statute of limitations to file a government claim is six months, so getting help from an accident attorney may be wise to meet deadlines.
  • A defective part in the van might lead to an accident, which means the manufacturer and others may be held responsible by filing an auto product liability claim.

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