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Illicit Substances and Truck Driving

Illicit Substances and Truck Driving

Illicit Substances and Truck Driving

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyer. When people get in a car, they accept the risk of an accident. No matter the situation, there is always the possibility of a crash occurring. However, when the collision involves a truck, the consequences can be severe. While even minor car accidents can lead to severe injuries, the chances are higher for larger vehicles. According to a recent study regarding trucks and accidents, about 13 percent of truck accidents happen because of driver fatigue. The study also found that:

  • More than a quarter of all crashes involved prescription drugs.
  • Almost 20% involved over the counter medications.
  • Close to 10% of accidents involved alcohol.
  • Almost 5% involved illegal drug use.

Why are Truck Drivers Using Medications?

Truck drivers use medications to keep them awake behind the wheel during a long haul. Over the years, numerous surveys have been conducted with truck drivers to find out what motivates them to log more miles. Some of the common reasons include:

Higher Pay: Many truck drivers are paid by the mile. The more miles they drive, the more money they make.

Pressure from the Top: Sometimes, truck drivers receive incentives to finish routes by a specific deadline. The fear of losing their job due to missing these deadlines can push them to drive farther while tired.

More Work: The quicker they complete their routes, the more likely they are to receive more work in the future.

Illicit Substances and Truck Driving

A recent study was published reviewing some of the medications that truck drivers from various regions take to stay awake. The study found that the most common substances used included:

Alcohol: Many drivers reported using alcohol to ease their nerves.

Amphetamines: Amphetamines include medications used to treat ADHD. These can help people stay awake while behind the wheel.

Marijuana: Even though marijuana is legal in some states, it still has negative impacts when people get behind the wheel.

Cocaine: Cocaine can help people stay awake. However, it can have adverse effects on decision-making.

Studies show the uses of these medications were reported to be quite high. It is essential for people to think about the impacts that these medications can have on their driving ability. It places not only the user but also other people on the road at risk of severe injury and death.

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